*Dusts off the Interwebs*

Howdy!  I’m not physically dead yet, just exhausted all the time from my multiple sclerosis, migraines, and work. I’ve had lots of intentions of getting back to writing but it wasn’t until the last couple of weeks that that creativity finally started to move again. I’m going to pick up “Tales of the Cabin” and […]

Hijacking my own blog…

I don’t get a lot of feedback regarding what I have written and I don’t let that concern me. However, my posts may be more sporadic in the next couple of months (or even longer). As most of you, my readers, know, I am in a long-term battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Unfortunately, even though I […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 17

[Author note: This week is a short post.  I couldn’t get ‘fluffed up’ without leading into the next major scene. — JRL] “Shawn! Get in here.  Call Aaron while I get dressed.” I shouted out the door. Deputy Martens hadn’t been able to tell me a lot over the phone. I’d already put the location […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 16

We had nothing to go on except that perhaps Brady had gone to Arkansas. No word from their Uncle Larry either. For all intents and purposes, Brady and disappeared. His phone was no longer in service and e-mails returned undeliverable. Jackson and I were nervous wrecks by this time. Any doubts I had about my […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 15

It was only late January but yet I found myself day dreaming of summer. I was ready to back outdoors, running around the lake, and seeing Brady and Jackson shirtless around the village. Brady hadn’t been in contact since he’d canceled our dinner date nor had he returned any texts in the last couple of […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 14

Brady and Jackson were out doing their chores, mainly clearing the 11″ of snow that dumped on the area. The polar vortex had broken and temperatures had warmed into the 20s. The boys hadn’t mentioned anything with the possible relationship between Brady and I, but I could tell it was causing friction between them. I […]

Tales of The Cabin – Part 13

I woke up and realized that the sun was up. It didn’t matter as all I could do was think about puking. I’d not been this hung over since college. I thought about getting up to stumble to the bathroom. I stopped, frozen in the realization that there was an arm over me from behind […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 12

It has been quiet through the winter months.  Too quiet really. I guess I should have expected that as we didn’t have the underground tunnel system yet and it has been a particularly bitter winter standards even by northern Minnesota standards. I paused writing my diary entry and looked over at the digital thermometer by […]

Update: Missing in Action

Sorry for the gap again in Tales of the Cabin and my writing in general. I spent the week after Thanksgiving in the hospital, got out, then promptly got a cold which wiped me out for another week.  Right as the cold started, I had a procedure done that has helped immensely and I should […]

No Flash this week

Sorry to disappoint.  I’m in the hospital for a while as my left leg has gone numb and I’m unable to walk or put any weight on it. I’m hoping to be back next week with a new flash entry in “Tales of the Cabin” Thank you all for understanding!