A Change Of Scenery – Part 12

It had been a whirlwind six months from the time Symon and Pahana had finally had their first real date until Symon proposed in the Flagstaff airport. Three months later, winter had settled in to Detroit and it’s suburbs, snow and a strong cold wind biting into whomever dared to tread outdoors. It was mid-February and highs struggled to reach zero degrees Fahrenheit. Symon, normally the cook, would have been running to the grocery store but had opted for the extra expense of ordering groceries online and having them delivered.

Pahana sat on a stool watching Symon making dinner, reflecting on how they had met and the changes in both of their lives. It had just been over a season, fall turning into winter, since they had made Pahana’s pilgrimage to his birth home and his birth people.  The cold loneliness of winter matched the hole in his heart that had grown seemingly in parallel. He couldn’t figure out what has causing it but he could feel it gnawing at him.

Symon had figured it out and knew that a move to Arizona was in their future. He wasn’t particularly excited about that move, but it’s not like they needed to work. He was planning on staying indoors and seeing what kinds of craft skills he could pick up or small jobs he could do.

Pahana broke the silence, “Is it just me or does this winter seem colder and more intense than anything we’ve had before?”

Symon turned away from the stove, “Well, excuse me Miss Pretty Princess!  It’s not been that cold really, but the wind has been terrible.”

Pahana bristled at Symon’s reproach, but he also knew it was true as ever since they had gone to Arizona, he hadn’t been the same.

Walking across the kitchen, Pahana walked up to Symon and wrapped his arms around him, interrupting his cooking, “Why don’t we take another trip to Arizona?”

Symon turned his head away to hide the half smile, half grimace that contorted his face knowing that was just what Pahana needed and what he didn’t want.

*  *  *  *

Four months and two trips to Arizona were enough for Symon.  He didn’t want to be jetting back and forth every few months. Symon had spent the last month trying to come up with a plan, a way to get Pahana to move to Arizona.  In late February, Pahana solved the problem for him.

Laying in bed one night, buried under an electric blanket and with the mattress pad heater turned up too, Pahana raised his head up and looked at Symon laying beside him, “What would you think of moving to Arizona?”

Symon couldn’t contain the sigh of relief that coursed through him and escaped with a loud sigh, “Pahana my love, I have been thinking about that very topic for the last month or so. It’s obvious that your soul needs to be back in Arizona and as much as you wanted to get back here as soon as possible, you want to get to know your family.  Let’s make one more trip and find a place to live, then we can move.”

Pahana smiled from ear to ear and hugged Symon close.

The next morning, Symon was up early and had booked flights for them to Arizona for one last flight.  If all went well, the next trip would be driving to Arizona.

Arriving in Flagstaff, they found the weather had other ideas in mind. They hadn’t checked ahead and landed just before a major winter storm blew into the region.  Holed up in the Hotel Weatherford, they enjoyed the room service and talked to a few real estate agents about housing close to the reservation. And so started their problems, the house would have to be in Pahana’s name if it was on Hopi land since he was a registered member of the Hopi. The land would have to be registered through Pahana and the Hopi as well and would likely be held up on the courts due to the ongoing dispute between the Navajo and Hopi over land ownership.

Undeterred, they decided that they would first settle in Flagstaff and then work through the legal hurdles to settling on the Hopi reservation. After a few days in Flagstaff, they had found a home in the Forest Highlands area. A large 5 bedroom, 4 bath house in a gated community was where  Pahana and Symon set up their new home on a wooded acre of land and their large new house. The lower level of the house had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a small area that they had named the retreat which housed a sauna and a hot tub.  The upstairs had the remaining bedrooms, all of which featured private decks.  The paperwork complete and the mortgage signed, they returned to Michigan to close out that chapter of their lives.

Both Symon and Pahana were nervous as the time to move arrived, but yet as they looked around their lives as they had been, they saw there were living in their old lives not as their own.  Everything was packed up and shipped to Arizona.  Symon bought a car and they packed it with what they would need for a cross-country road trip.

Three days later, they arrived and pulled in to the garage.  After they had unloaded the car and then run to the store to stock the kitchen, they popped the cork on a bottle of wine and settled on to the large porch looking out over the forest that surrounded them.

As the afternoon turned into evening, their new neighbors came out to say hello and see who had bought the house. There seemed to be some concern at such young guys buying a large house and some people had asked if they were planning on throwing parties.

Symon smiled and told them that the only parties would be gallery shows or a book release.  Pahana said the only visitors they were expecting on a regular basis were their immediate families. They wanted a quiet neighborhood as much as they did.


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A Change Of Scenery – Part 11


After a few days of getting to know his family, Pahana was restless to get back to the city. He felt the family bond with these people but this place was not his home.

Symon finished putting their luggage into the car and Pahana said a final round of goodbyes to his brother and sister. When Pahana turned around, he saw Symon loading up the backseat with several large boxes, taped up and ready for shipping.

Symon smiled, “Those are for you Pahana. Gifts from your family and from the tribal elders that you met with during the past few days. You are loved and accepted here Pahana.”

As they got into the car, Pahana let out a huge sigh. “I did what I came to do.” Pahana said heavily, “Let’s get back to Flagstaff and fly home.”

Driving away from his brother and sister, Pahana could feel part of himself being left behind. Each mile added to the growing feeling of loss inside him.

“Symon, I rarely get emotional and I rarely rant, but I can vent for a little while?” Pahana asked quietly, his voice choked with emotion.

Symon looked over with a concerned look on his face, “Of course you can. Is this one of those things that’s better let go of in the desert with no one around and between you, me, and the Creator?”

Pahana slowly turned to face him and realized that Symon hadn’t put on sunscreen today. Loading up the car had turned his skin as red as his hair. He’s going to be in misery in a few hours.

“Symon, I don’t know. I’ve always longed to know who my real family was…” Pahana paused to wipe away the tears that had started streaming down his face. “I finally got the chance but my mother and father are gone. It was great meeting my brother and my sister. Given the amount of trouble I’ve been and caused, it’s ironic that my brother is one of the few Hopi police officers in the district.”

His normal stoic resolve was eroding quickly, “Even though I didn’t know my family, what I have done to make them proud of me? What have I done to earn the respect of the Hopi Nation? My soul belongs here, but I don’t. How can I tell them that I don’t ever want to return.”

Focused on the road, Symon sat quietly listening to Pahana work through his life and the unexpected curves that Fate had thrown at him. He took his hand off the wheel and rested it on Pahana’s thigh. He wasn’t sure what to say, but he know that Pahana needed all of his support, love, and attention right now. Stopping the car on the side of a desert road was a non-starter of an idea, so Symon kept driving towards Flagstaff. He found a shipping store and got the boxes of gifts shipped back to Dearborn, arriving after they had gotten back. Making quick time to the airport, Symon sent Pahana off to get checked in for the flight.

As they stood in line at one of the kiosks in the airport, Symon looked at the clock on the wall and then looked at his watch. He muttered Son of a bitch! under his breath.

“What?” Pahana asked confused.

“I forgot that we were on Mountain time. We’re here an extra hour early. Should we get a real meal instead of the fast food crap?” Symon said with a mischievous smile.

“Yeah, let’s do that!” Pahana said with a smile creeping across his face, “I don’t want to wait until we are in Denver.”

“Okay!” Symon said with a big smile. As luck would have it, there was a full service restaurant in the airport.  They settled into one of the booths and placed their order. Nothing fancy but it would be better than the last few meals with Pahana’s family. Neither would say anything ill about the meals they had been given but they both knew that the family had been sacrificing heavily to make sure that they had “proper” meals and the nature of the meals showed how rough life was on the reservation.

Pahana relaxed some and Symon was thankful for it. Pahana’s sudden outburst in the car wasn’t unexpected except that it was Pahana, who normally kept his emotions close to his chest. Symon was glad that he could finally talk to Pahana about the trip and the emotions it had stirred up in them both.

The one thing that would remain with Symon for the rest of his days was the open-armed welcome that he received both from Pahana’s family and the tribal elders. Given their strong Christian beliefs, he hadn’t been expecting a warm welcome but the Hopi still held on to many parts of their traditional lore and religion which would welcome a medicine man and his partner, whether the partner was male or female.

As they talked, Symon realized that this was as good a time as ever. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box covered in Hopi markings. It had taken him a good deal of maneuvering and a few accomplices to get Pahana’s ring size without him figuring out why and then to have a traditional style ring made for him. More importantly, he had a silver and turquoise engagement band made as well.

Seizing the moment, Symon slid the small box across the table. Pahana took it gingerly and opened it, finding the traditional ring inside. Symon slid it on his finger while explaining that this was the reason that he needed to find his ring size. Symon swallowed and took a deep breath while sliding out of the booth and dropping to one knee.

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A Change Of Scenery – Part 10


The drive out to Kykotsmovi from Flagstaff took longer than than the flight to Flagstaff. As they drove out to the center of the Hopi Government, Pahana stared out the window of the rental car as mile after mile of desert went by in a seemingly ever changing hills and arroyos. From time to time, a trail would shoot off towards the horizon. In the distance, the occasional glint of the high desert sun off of a vehicle or home would remind him that people still lived here. The only reassurance he felt was Symon’s hand resting on his knee.

Just short of one hundred miles, the trip took almost two and half hours due to the condition of the road and its sinuous nature. As the finally approached Kykotsmovi, something caused him to look forward. Three mesas rose against the increasing elevation and he felt something deep inside him to start to urge him on but there was also something telling him to leave.

Arriving at Hopi Cultural Center, Symon and Pahana checked into their separate rooms. Symon didn’t want any more problems for Pahana than just his return to his birth home. As they checked in, the front desk clerk looked them over intently but was also quite welcoming. She got Symon checked in first and then studied Pahana as she checked him in.

“Pahana Davidson is it?” she probed with an intensity that made Pahana uncomfortable.

“Actually, no. Davidson is my adopted family name. I am Pahana Shelton.” was his hesitant reply.

The front desk clerk stopped typing and put both of her hands flat on the table.

“Did you say Pahana Shelton?” she gasped.

“Yes. Is there a problem?” Pahana said as he took a step back from the counter nervously.

“Pahana.” was all she whispered under her breath as she looked at his ID. She blushed deeply and finished his check in.

Pahana got his room key and went back out to the car to get his luggage for the few days they would be on the Hopi Reservation. It wasn’t as hot as he expected but he had done enough research to know that long pants and shirts were suggested while in the Three Mesas. As they got settled into their rooms, he giggled at the realization there was a door between their rooms.

He was just about to knock on the door when the phone in his room rang. The loud jarring r-r-r-r-ring of the bell pulled his thoughts back to reality. He thought about ignoring it but the noise was so irritating that he answered it.

“Mr. Shelton?” the clerk’s quiet voice came down the line.

“Yes, this is.” Pahana said with a hint of irritation.

“You have a guest at the front desk.”

Pahana blankly said, “Uhm…thank you. I’ll be right there.” and hung up the phone.

Who would be at the front desk? Pahana paused for a moment and quickly came to the conclusion that Symon must be playing a trick on him. I’ll get Symon for this. He knows I’m nervous enough already and now he tries something like this?

As he walked down the hall towards the front desk, he found himself thinking, “It’s already been a long day, and you want to…” and that thought derailed as he turned the corner to see Symon talking to someone he obviously thought was him.

The guy he was talking to was clearly confused and looked up to see Pahana coming into the room and for a fleeting second had a look of confusion on his face which quickly turned to relief. As Pahana approached, he heard the man say his name was Ahote.

Symon turned around and saw Pahana walking towards them and did a double take back to Ahote. As he did, his jaw dropped.

“I…uh…I am so sorry …. A-hey-te.” Symon said, mispronouncing his name.

Ahote ignored him and walked towards Pahana. “You were aptly named brother. So aptly named!” For a brief moment, Pahana was confused then he remembered the front desk clerk. He turned to her and she smiled a demure but mischievous smile.

Pahana gave her an uncertain smile, but a smile none the less. With Pahana’s smile, she quickly disappeared into the back office leaving them alone.

Ahote spoke first and he grabbed Pahana in a bear hug, “My brother! Where have you been?”

“Uhm, I… Michigan. My boyfriend Symon is a spirit talker and knew there was something missing in my heart. He found that I am Hopi and arranged for me to come here.”

Ahote wiped his eyes, “I have always kept an eye open for your name. After our parents gave you up for adoption, no one for a generation has been given the name Pahana. Pahana means lost white brother. You were not lost but misplaced living with the white man.” Ahote’s voice grew thick with emotion as he continued, “Many of us here on Second Mesa have wondered if you would ever return home.”

Pahana noticed the badge on Ahote’s belt and found himself staring at it trying to read what it was.

Ahote composed himself, “My apologies little brother. I am Deputy Ahote Shelton of the Hopi Nation. The front desk clerk is your little sister, Hehewuti which means warrior mother spirit but most people call her Shelly. My name, Ahote, means restless one. She sensed something out of place and asked that we run a cursory check on you both since you had given a different name than that which was on your ID. She was shaking so hard on the phone, I could hear it. She recognized your true name. I verified it was you and took off to get here as soon as I could.”

Shelly appeared from the back office to announce that their rooms, should they choose to stay would be ‘on the house.’

Ahote smiled and said “My brother, you are welcome in my house. If Symon is why you are here and you are with him, then he is welcome in my home as well.”

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A Change Of Scenery – Part 9


(Author’s note: I’ve been sick the last few days, so this hasn’t been edited at all.  It’s a stream of consciousness and may be a bit rough to read.  My apologies!)

Pahana paused just outside the door as Symon held it open for him. As he looked inside the restaurant, he knew he could afford it but knowing he could versus wanting to pay that much were different things. Above the door, gilded lettering proclaimed ‘Welcome to Discovery’. From what he knew of Symon, he would have had to struggle to pay for this dinner and that made him uncomfortable. Symon smiled at Pahana’s caution but beckoned him in the door where they were quickly seated and placed their initial appetizer orders.

After convincing himself to not wince at the prices on the menu, Pahana conferred with Symon and they decided on their dinner selections. Symon explained that each course would come out separately over the span of the evening. The first course was lobster bisque with a French reserve Chardonnay.

Pahana’s apprehension grew as additional detail was added. He was now quite sure that Symon couldn’t possibly afford all of this. While he could, it would wipe out a good deal of his budget’s buffer for a few weeks.

The grilled chicken caesar salad was served next paired with a local vineyards Pinot Grigio. The waitress sat down their salads and the same wine sampling approval given, Symon looked at the waitress and gave her a large smile and a nod. Pahana looked up just in time to see what appeared to be Symon winking at the waitress. He couldn’t hold back his anxiety any longer.

“Symon, what’s going on? We’re at a high end restaurant that neither of us can likely afford, you’re flirting with the waitress, and I feel very out of place here.”

Symon got a concerned look on his face and immediately grasped that he’d misjudged the situation. He tried to remain calm as he looked for their waitress to stop what would be happening next but it was too late as she was approaching with the surprise he intended for Pahana. As she approached, Symon dismissed her as courteously as he could asking if she could return in a few moments.

“Pahana, I have to tell you something. I know what impression I’ve given you and it’s true. It really is who I am but there is something you need to know that I hope doesn’t affect our relationship. My name is Symon Driscoll. My family owns a large chain of supermarkets in New England. They invested heavily into a trust fund for me so that if anything happened to them, I would be taken care of. I ran away from home at 15. I hadn’t planned to stay gone for long but living rough on the street was fun. I knew that I could go home at any time and all would be safe, secure, but oh so boring.” Symon explained passionately. Pahana sat slack-jawed and nodded slowly as Symon continued, “Once I turned 18, the trust fund was mine without restrictions. I knew I had money, but never realized just how well off we were. I got a ‘stipend’ each week from the trust fund which turned out to be less than the growth of the fund. Two months before I’d turned 18, I was hitching a ride back towards Boston to get home. I called ahead and found out that my parents had been killed in a car crash. I had never been close to my parents so I didnt’ feel the need to continue on to Boston. The trustee of the fund said that with their death, the fund would be fully turned over to me as soon as the legal proceedings were complete.”

Symon’s explanation was interrupted by the waitress who brought out their entrées. As she served them, she served a full bodied red wine with them. She gave a quick look to Symon who nodded his affirmation.

“For you, sir.” she said respectfully as she handed Pahana a formal looking envelope addressed to Pahana Shelton.

“I’m Pahana Davidson. What’s this about?” Pahana asked suddenly defensive.

“Open it. The name is correct.” Symon said softly, “I know more about you than you know. I know that you’ve been living on the streets as I have but without family or monetary support. You did some things you’d rather not have done to survive and keep yourself out of trouble. You did it though. You pulled through it and you have gotten yourself into your own place and have a steady job as a stripper…” Symon trailed off for a moment, “pardon me, as a go-go dancer.”

Pahana felt his stomach clench and he felt his jaw set.

“You don’t have a lot of time to explain yourself. I’m going to read this ‘letter’ you’ve given me and you better start explaining things now.” Pahana said a bit louder than he wanted.

Pahana opened the letter and started reading. Before him was his own life story. The names of his biological parents and who they had been in the Hopi Nation. He now knew that he had been given up for adoption in the hope that he would have a better life. His parents had known from his birth that he was a shaman from his birth.

As he finished the pages of the letter, he looked up at Symon with tears in his eyes but also fear.

“Why Symon? Why have you done all this digging into my life? Why?”

Symon gave a big smile and took Pahana’s hands, “Because I love you and I can see the hole in your heart where you past had been. There should be one other letter in that envelope as well.”

Pahana slowly looked into the envelope and found the other letter inside, opening it, he found two vouchers for round trip airfare to Santa Fe, New Mexico with a note, “If you want to find your family, say the word and we will find them.”

Pahana broke down reading those words, realizing that Symon truly loved him for who he was.

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A Change Of Scenery – Part 8


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Pahana pushed gently against Symon getting him to step backwards again and again until Symon stepped back against his couch and fell on it. Pahana mis-stepped and landed on top of Symon and kissed him again. He got a whiff of Symon’s musk and felt a rush through his entire body. He couldn’t understand it. He’d seen guys like Symon before. Tattoos, piercings, crazy hair and the like, but it just seemed like they were desperate for attention. It was something that they did to make themselves stand out and, more importantly, stand outside of normal society. He looked at Symon again and it just seemed natural on him. Why am I feeling like this towards him?

He looked down into Symon’s blue eyes and kissed him gently on the nose. He rolled off of him and slowly pulled the plaid button down shirt off of him. The dirty undershirt underneath didn’t look like it’d been washed in weeks and smelled like it as well. Pahana opened up the overshirt and ran his fingers over the undershirt causing Symon to squirm.

“I’m ticklish!” Symon giggled and squirmed trying to get away.

“I’m sorry.” Pahana said as he stopped.

Symon reached over and took his hand and put it back on his stomach. “It’s okay Pahana. I was enjoying you touching me.”

Pahana smiled and let his hand drift down towards Symon’s studded leather belt. He fumbled briefly with the clasp, but made quick work of getting it open and getting his pants unbuttoned. Pahana got up and knelt between Symon’s legs, tugging on his jeans to get them to come off. As Symon’s jeans came off, Pahana was surprised to realize that he wasn’t wearing underwear. Pahana pulled off Symon’s pants and socks, leaving him laying on the couch in nothing more than his dirty undershirt. He stood up and pulled him up with him. He reached over and pulled off Symon’s undershirt.

Symon reached over and pulled Pahana’s t-shirt out of his pants. As he took it off and looked up at the tall lean Native standing in front of him, he realized that he wanted to be with Pahana. He slowly caressed Pahana’s body, he was uncertain if he should go farther but standing there naked with a hard on sticking out in front of him, it was obvious what he wanted. Symon made quick work of getting the rest of Pahana’s clothes off.

Symon pulled on him, pulling him towards him and back towards the bedroom. Pahana gave in to Symon’s leading and fell onto the bed with Symon. They quickly adjusted so that they were both laying on the bed, next to each other. Symon rolled over and looked at Pahana laying beside him.

Pahana had a strong face. Large dark brown eyes expressed Pahana’s inner thoughts, making it nearly impossible for him to keep a secret or to lie. Working on the streets and as a dancer had given him a body that would keep most others in the gym five days a week to maintain. Symon looked at him and found his artist’s eyes admiring the symmetry and beauty of his body.

Pahana turned his head and saw Symon studying him, “What are you thinking about Symon?”

Symon chuckled, “How beautiful you are.”

“Nah, me? I’m just a regular dude. I ain’t nothing special.” Pahana said quietly.

Symon leaned over and kissed him, slowly slipping Pahana his tongue. This time, Pahana was ready for it and reached over pulling Symon to him as they locked in a passionate embrace.

Symon was busy exploring every fold and muscle outline on Pahana’s body, tracing them with his fingers as if he were trying to memorize every detail of his body. Symon knew what he wanted as he’d been out with guys, knew about dating, but this was a new experience. He finally realized what he’d been missing and what he wanted. Love.

Pahana was lost in his own thoughts as well. He was thinking about the girls he’d fantasized about in high school. How he’d never asked any of them out and how he’d never really had thought of them in a sexual way. From the moment he saw Symon, Pahana couldn’t keep his eyes off of him, finding himself daydreaming about him, even having dreams about him. He knew what he wanted but didn’t know how to get it. Pahana laid there tracing out the scars on Symon’s body, wondering how he had gotten them and wondering if the feelings he had for Symon was just hormones.

As they explored each other, their arousal and hormones overtook them and before long, they were awkwardly united as one. Symon moaned and pushed back against Pahana and their hormones took over. Pahana made love to Symon, taking it slowly to make sure he didn’t hurt him.

After a while, Symon broke the trance they were both in, whimpering “Pahana, you gonna…you know?  It’s startin’ to hurt.”

“Oh Symon, I’m sorry. Do you want…” Pahana started to ask but was cut off by Symon saying “Yeah, Pahana, I want you to do it inside me. I want to feel it.”

Pahana sped up and grabbed Symon’s shoulders, he kept his thick shaft buried in deep, feeling the resistance of Symon’s prostate, he kept thrusting faster and faster. Before long, he felt Symon tighten up, then a moan and Symon suddenly pushed up against Pahana’s sweaty body, Symon cried out “Oh Pahana!” and his cock was suddenly being milked by the orgasm that ravaged Symon’s body. Pahana felt himself going over the edge of orgasm. Symon, spent by his orgasm and Pahana’s hard finish, just laid there. Pahana slowly stopped thrusting and laid down on top of Symon.

Pahana slid off of Symon and laid down beside him. He leaned up and kissed him gently as he wrapped his arms around him.

Symon, not expecting the intimacy, started crying.

“Symon, what’s wrong? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No, Pahana, it’s just…I didn’t expect this. I figured you’d just fuck me and leave. I didn’t expect you to lay down and kiss me.”

“Symon, why would…I mean….I couldn’t. I…just couldn’t.”

“It’s a good thing Pahana. Trust me, it’s a good thing. I’ve never felt like I do for you for anyone else.  It’s all so confusing. I want to be your boyfriend.”

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A Change Of Scenery – Part 7


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Pahana woke again later in the day still emotionally spent from the previous night. He felt Symon’s arm around him and there was something else. As he realized he was naked, he felt Symon’s morning wood twitch. He froze for a moment, enjoying the throbbing warmth nestled in his ass crack. While his mind was stuck on his newfound attraction to men, his body had other ideas.

Relaxing his buttocks, he felt Symon’s erection slip between his cheeks and pushed back against him. While he wasn’t sure about what he was doing, he’d seen enough porn to know that grinding up against someone usually gave them the message that you wanted sex. Symon awoke and felt his cock grinding up against Pahana and immediately pulled back.

“Oh my Gods!” Symon exclaimed, “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to do anything like that!” Symon’s face draining of color.

Pahana turned his head around and looked at him with a mischievous smile, “I was the one grinding back into you. You have nothing to apologize for…,” Pahana stopped mid-sentence as Symon pulled him close and buried his now rock hard cock in his asscrack and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. As Symon kissed him, Pahana let out a moan. Actual sex wasn’t something he’d thought about yet, but his hormones were getting the better of him.

Breaking the kiss, Pahana rolled over and returned the kiss to its prior passionate state while reaching down and tentatively wrapped his hand around Symon’s still turgid member. A small gasp escaped his lips as it seemed much bigger than his own. Having seen plenty of cocks in porn, he thought he knew what to expect. He slid his hand up and down the Symon’s shaft which elicited a smile and a gasp.

Symon broke the kiss and pulled away slightly, “Pahana, do you really want to get into this? I mean, I’m assuming it’s your first time. I’ve always thought the first time should be with someone special.” Symon said huskily, his voice betraying the lust he felt.

“I don’t know Symon. I’ve never done anything with a guy.” Pahana continued as his voice turned cold, “I’ve had plenty of sex with women but it was just sex, making money. I always thought that women were what I was supposed to like, so I liked them. Liked them enough to fuck ‘em senseless and get some cash. Never any emotions there, no desire,” Pahana paused for a moment, his voice warming, “Not like now. I’m scared as hell. I’ve never felt emotions like this. When you touched my knee that first time, I kept replaying it over and over in my head. I couldn’t explain it but I couldn’t stop thinking about you but I was so scared. What if I wasn’t gay? What if … I mean, I understand blowjobs but butt sex? What if something like this happened and I realized it was all a mistake. It wouldn’t be fair to you.”

Symon let out a long sigh behind his smile, “Pahana, we don’t have to do anything sexual at all. We barely know each other.” If you only knew what all I wanted to do to you right now. I want to make love to you and show you what love is, not a fuck job…literally a fucking job of fucking people for fucking money.

Pahana realized he was still holding Symon’s now rapidly deflating cock. He reached up with both hands and grabbed Symon’s head and passionately kissed him again.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Symon had had enough.

“Pahana, get up and get dressed. We’re going to go get something to eat and we’re going to explore Cloverdale. While we rummage around town, we’re going to get to know each other better before we do anything foolish. As much as I’d…” Symon trailed off and blushed a deep crimson.

Pahana was already up and getting dressed, missing Symon’s deep blush. As he rummaged around for something to wear, he realized someone was watching him. He turned and saw that Symon was getting up and putting his clothes back on. The sight of his porcelain skin, the smattering of freckles over his body, and the long lean musculature left him breathless for a moment. It was then that he caught sight of the Sage out of the corner of his eye. He wasn’t ashamed of his nudity but the fact that Symon was there caused him to drop his clothes.

“Pahana, my son, you are a two spirit. There is no reason to be ashamed of your body nor of Symon.” the Sage’s voice stumbling briefly over Symon’s name as Pahana turned to see if Symon was aware of the Sage’s presence. He saw Symon was staring at the Sage, mouth open and one leg in his pants.

The Sage noticed this as well. “Sigh-man,” he began, “You have nothing to fear from me unless you mean to bring harm to Pahana. You mean well by him but you are still young and impulsive. You have much to teach each other and much to learn about yourselves along the way. I see that you are already getting to know each other. I was checking on Pahana as he missed our normal talk last night.” The Sage smiled wryly, “I see he was preoccupied with a handsome fellow two-spirit. Sigh-man, you are a beautiful young man with much to learn and Pahana…oh Pahana. You have seen so much and yet you know so little.”

The Sage slowly faded back into the mirror but then reappeared for a moment, “Both of you remember, I may be from the past but play safe.” and with that said, disappeared into the mirror.

Pahana and Symon looked at each other and laughed. They finished dressing and started out the door with Pahana stopping briefly to bless the house.

“The exploration has begun.” Pahana said as he took Symon’s hand in his.

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A Change Of Scenery – Part 6


Sitting on the futon and talking, Pahana and Symon started on the ends of the futon but had been slowly moving closer to each other. Symon didn’t plan on anything happening but he told himself that he’d not turn anything down. As the afternoon turned into evening, they ordered pizza and kept talking. When the pizza arrived, the conversation moved from the futon to the dining room table.

Between bites, Pahana looked up at at Symon and asked blunty, “Just how old are you?”

Symon looked up and smiled, “Old enough to be legal.”

“Old enough to be legal for what?” Pahana asked rather confused.

Symon shook his head and chuckled at Pahana’s naivety. With a wry smile, he shot back, “Old enough to drive and old enough to have sex with you.”

Pahana’s eye grew wide, “Have sex with me?” he asked astonished.

“Yeah, you’ve been afraid of me since we first met over at the Drip. I brushed your knee and you bolted out the door.”

“What did you expect? I’m not…” Pahana trailed off uncertainly.

“You’re not what? You didn’t show up to the Drip for two solid weeks after that. Either you are homophobic or you’re lying to yourself.”

Pahana quickly stood up, knocking his chair over. “I’m not homophobic and I really don’t like your attitude.”

Giving him the same wry smile, “Yeah? What are you going to do about my attitude? Give me dirty looks? Ask me to leave?” Symon said condescendingly.

Pahana lost control of himself for a moment and when he regained it, he was just about to punch Symon in the face. Symon deftly reached up and stopped Pahana’s punch and without letting go, leaned towards Pahana and kissed him on the lips. Frozen for a moment, Pahana was trapped in his own mind. He was trying to punch Symon over something stupid and yet Symon was kissing him. He felt Symon’s tongue graze his lips and felt a rush like an electric current shoot through his body and everything went dark as he fell to the floor.

When he came to, Pahana was laying on the couch with his head in Symon’s lap. He was aware of Symon’s hand brushing the side of his face and through his hair. He opened his eyes and looked up into Symon’s face. All he could do was smile.

“Symon, I’m so sorry. I’ve never,” Pahana trailed off, “I’ve never thought about… the feelings I sometimes have for men. As for running away from you, yeah I ran. I spent days curled up on this futon wondering why your touch on my knee gave me butterflies in my stomach. Your blue eyes are so captivating and so deep.” Pahana stopped and leaned up to give Symon a kiss.

At that moment, the floodgates were opened and Pahana understood his feelings. As his lips touched Symon’s he felt more alive than he ever had before. His back arched and he could feel himself becoming aroused. After what seemed like several minutes, they broke the kiss and Pahana moved to sit up on the futon.

Symon smiled at him, “I’m sorry as well Pahana. I didn’t mean to push you into coming out quite that strongly. I’ve just seen too many people who hide themselves from themselves and then never do anything about it. They are miserable bitter people who never find love.”

“Just like my adopted parents. There’s a reason I’ve been on the streets the last few years. It’s better out here than it was at home. There was no love at home. Two business people who cared more about money and getting ahead than they did about the son they adopted.”

Symon’s smile faded away, “How did you survive on the streets for that long?”

Pahana’s face grimaced, “By fucking soccer moms mostly. It paid enough for me to afford this place and keep food in the kitchen. Besides, when you are only with them for an hour. They can’t get to know you and they can’t hurt you. As the great Tina Turner sang,


Symon sat silently for a moment then exclaimed, “That’s why you ran away from me. You realized there might be feelings there and you ran away.”

Pahana didn’t say anything but the tears silently betrayed the truth of what Symon said.

Symon wrapped his arms around Pahana and pulled him over to his lap, just holding him close and letting him cry. Before long, the tears and become sobs. Symon kept his firm hold on Pahana, occasionally reaching up to run his fingers through his hair and try to comfort him.

Thinking that Pahana was going to cry through the entire night, Symon made himself as comfortable as he could after a while. He kicked off his boots and put his feet up on the futon. Pahana looked at his feet on the futon and it brought him back to reality. He pushed Symon’s feet off the futon.

Symon laughed and Pahana looked up at him and started laughing as well. Pahana looked over at the clock on the wall and saw it was already 8pm.

“Symon, I know it’s early, but I usually work 9pm to 3am as an exotic dancer. I decided to head over to the Drip yesterday to talk to you and I’ve not slept since yesterday. I’m dead tired and emotionally drained. I need to sleep soon.”

Symon gave him a tender smile, “Do you want me to leave?”

“I don’t know Symon. I don’t know…stay please.”

They moved to the bed and laid down. Symon was holding Pahana who fell asleep as soon as he laid down with Symon’s arms wrapped around him.

Pahana awoke the next morning and was immediately aware of the sound of breathing next to him. He didn’t dare move but opened his eyes to see Symon laying beside him. He put his arm over Symon and pulled him close.


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