A Shaman’s Gift – Part 15

Kevyl laid there in a state of shock.  If he hadn’t seen the wolf on top of him, it would have just been rough sex: something basal releasing their pent up lust and emotion. He wasn’t sure exactly what had happened but he felt a raw lust for more.  He knew it was Maikyl that […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 14

  As they approached the doorway to High Elpa’s bedchamber, Maikaj suddenly swept up Kevyl and carried him across the threshold to the room.  He set Kevyl down gently and couldn’t hide the huge smile on his face. “Kevyl, my mate, oh how I have longed to say those words.  My mate.  As the leader […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 13

Even by Talijali standards, the reception was an extravagant affair with a bountiful harvest of its own combined with the fruits of the Pamnyki harvest meant being able to outdo even their own expectations.  The kitchen staff had been working for days to make sure everything was in readiness for the reception.  With a menu […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 12

  A blast of horns signalled Maikaj’s arrival at the back of the Great Hall. Dressed in his finest robes and jewels, he commanded attention. Striding down the aisle, his graceful gait accentuated by his robes flowing behind him. Approaching the dais, he saw Brojyl, his war leader, standing in his best uniform. As war […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 11

Dawn broke over Talija and found Maikyl and Kevyl sleeping at the top of the tower, curled in their cloaks. The night was seasonably chilly, enough to put down a heavy dew that caught the sunrise turning the grasslands of Talija into fields of sparkling jewels.  Curled up in their chilly wet cloaks, they realized […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 10

The feasting was over and the Great Hall had cleared out and now the Lodge was in clean up mode.  Maikaj was obviously battling exhaustion as he listened to the last few petitioners who had queued up to speak with him.  Kevyl sat in his place on the dais waiting for the final petitioners to […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 9

The Lodge Guard spotted the brilliant verdant standard of the Pamnyki advancing up the road from the Everwater River, followed quickly by the blare of horns and drums that announced the approach of the Pamnyki delegation. The servants and butlers went from their normal routine to a flurry of frenzied activity with meals and hospitality […]