A Shaman’s Gift – Part 15

Kevyl laid there in a state of shock.  If he hadn’t seen the wolf on top of him, it would have just been rough sex: something basal releasing their pent up lust and emotion. He wasn’t sure exactly what had happened but he felt a raw lust for more.  He knew it was Maikyl that had mated him but the wolf?

Laying next to him, Maikyl was trying to make sense of the fur in the bed and why there was blood on Kevyl’s neck and shoulders, matting his long red hair to his head. Suddenly, he sat up in the bed.

“Kevyl, I was a wolf wasn’t I?” Maikyl yelped, louder than he expected.

Kevyl meekly turned his head and saw Maikyl laying there beside him.  He slowly nodded affirmatively.

Maikyl’s protective instincts took over and he started to make sure that Kevyl wasn’t seriously injured, at least not physically.  Any emotional or mental injuries were beyond his ability to heal.  Aside from some toothmarks and claw scrapes, Kevyl appeared to be okay.  The meekness of his actions and his complete silence belied the mental trauma that had happened.

Maikyl called out for the hot stone baths and steam room to be readied as soon as possible.  A muffled reply came from beyond the latched door to the bedchamber told Maikyl that it would be about a half hour before all would be in readiness.  Picking up the washstand and setting it next to the bed, Maikyl slowly and gently began to clean up Kevyl.  Kevyl didn’t resist but also didn’t give Maikyl much assistance, which was beginning to worry Maikyl.

I know the Great Wolf took over my body allowing for the highest union with Kevyl, but at what cost? – Maikyl thought to himself.

Kevyl was laying still on the bed, only moving in very small motions, trying to avoid catching Maikyl’s attention.  As he lay there, he felt a warmth starting to radiate from his insides.  At first, it was a diffuse warmth but after focusing on it, he realized it was inside him. To be that hot, it would have to be blood.  Maikyl had torn him apart. I’m going to die laying here!

No Kevyl, you will not die. Great changes are happening inside you. You were common before last night. Now, you are on equal footing with Maikyl. Understanding will be slow to come, but you will clearly understand soon enough…” the voice in Kevyl’s head commanded in a voice that was part growl, part speech, and part howl.

Kevyl sat up and faced Maikyl, “You were the wolf.” was his pronouncement.

Maikyl stopped washing up Kevyl’s wounds as he sat up, “No Kevyl, I was not the wolf.  The wolf was me.  The Great Wolf took me over for reasons I do not know. All I know is that I hurt you, I recognize the size of my mouth in the marks on your neck and the size of my hands in the scratches that cover your body.  I don’t know what the Great Wolf had in mind and has in mind for you and I, but it must have been very important to risk our wedding night for it.”

Kevyl explained the voice he had heard as Maikyl sat down beside him. As Kevyl explained it, Maikyl heard a low throaty growl in his head. The growl confirmed part of what Maikyl had been thinking. Kevyl was now mated to him in the eyes of the Great Wolf as well as in the eyes of the law and land.

Maikyl gave Kevyl a bear hug and held him close.

“Kevyl, you know I didn’t really have control over what happened right?”

“I do now.  I didn’t while it was happening and afterwards.  It wasn’t until the Great Wolf spoke to me that I understood what had happened. I just don’t understand what the Great Wolf meant by Great changes are happening inside you. I mean, that’s a cryptic statement even for the Great Wolf.”

“Yes, Kevyl, it is.  The Great Wolf is often quite mysterious.” Maikyl said through a yawn. “I’m hungry.  I could go for a burger up on the tower while we sit and watch the stars.”

“Mmm…that does sound good.  Put some fresh Taljian sharp cheese on it and you’d have a cheeseburger in paradise.” Kevyl said with a mischievous smile.

“Yeah, you would.  Though that sounds like a song that a drunken bard would sing as a village pub.” Maikyl said with a hint of derision.

“I supposed.  Though that cheeseburger up on the tower does sound good.  I dunno why, but I’m really hungry.” Kevyl said with a slight hint of concern.

“Hopefully that means you are feeling better and just need to resupply that hot body of yours after what happened…and what may happen later.” Maikyl said with a twinkle in his eye. “I’d like to sample more of the delights of your body.  Just me.”

As Maikyl said that, Kevyl tensed up and stammered out “I..I…I don’t…know about that.”

“Okay, Kevyl, You know how you feel and what you want.  You can make any moves you want to make.  I’m not going to make you do anything. But first, let’s see what the kitchen can do while we take a hot bath together and I make sure you are safe and sound.”

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A Shaman’s Gift – Part 14



As they approached the doorway to High Elpa’s bedchamber, Maikaj suddenly swept up Kevyl and carried him across the threshold to the room.  He set Kevyl down gently and couldn’t hide the huge smile on his face.

“Kevyl, my mate, oh how I have longed to say those words.  My mate.  As the leader of the Talijali, I have been so busy with my people and the Great Wolf that I have neglected my own needs.  You have always been beside me and have always been one who wasn’t afraid of me and you spoke your mind even when you weren’t asked.”

Kevyl stood silently listening to Maikaj, a bit nervous as to what would be happening next.  He knew they would need to consummate the marriage but he wasn’t sure how that would work.  Most same gender couple among the Pamnyki lived together but no one discussed their intimate lives.  Then again, no one talked about that at all. Kevyl’s parents had never had ‘the talk’ with him.  It was just assumed that he would grow up, find a girl and get married.  They’d do like everyone else had and figured it out.

Maikaj continued, oblivious to the turmoil in Kevyl’s head, “Kevyl, what do we do now?”

Kevyl snapped out of his own head and started laughing, “I don’t know. I was hoping that you’d know.” which sent Maikaj into laughter of his own.

Kevyl’s boldness got the better of him.  He reached up and ran his hand across Maikaj’s chestplate.

“You know, we can probably take off our ceremonial vestments.  The wedding is over.” Kevyl said with a wicked smile, his hands fumbling for the straps of the chest plate.

“My dearest Kevyl, allow me to help.” Maikaj said with a flourish as he went down on one knee.

Within a few minutes, both men were naked and laying on the bed.  This time, Maikaj made the first move, his long lean hands starting to run across Kevyl’s stout muscular body.  Maikaj’s long reach made it easy for him to caress all of Kevyl’s body.  It didn’t take much of his touch for Kevyl to respond, his cock throbbing against his belly aching to be touched.

Maikaj stopped for a moment and took in all of his new husband’s body.  Kevyl was short, stocky and covered in pale reddish blond fur that almost looked like pup down.  Any scars or injuries that Kevyl may have gotten were hidden by his pale cream colored skin.  Bright red pubic hair couldn’t contain Kevyl’s long thick cock from throbbing nor could it hide his large testicles.  What Kevyl didn’t have height, he made up for between his legs. The thing that captivated Maikaj was Kevyl’s cockhead.  It was exposed, no skin over it, no protective sheath like he had.  He couldn’t control himself any longer and reached out to touch it.

Kevyl let out a loud moan as Maikaj’s fingers slowly ran up and down the length of his shaft and he soon found himself lost in an intoxicating wave of hormones and emotions.  Rolling over to face Maikaj, Kevyl found his face at chest level and flicked his tongue over Maikaj’s hard nipple eliciting a loud yelp from Maikaj who wasn’t expecting it.  Maikaj rolled over, facing towards Kevyl.  Slowly, their lips met and both felt an electric shock pass through their bodies. Their bodies rolling towards each other, pressed together with a fine sheen of sweat glueing them together.

Time stopped for the newlyweds as their hormones took over and basal desires took over. Wrestling was next on the night. As they turned and lunged on the bed, Maikaj was impressed with Kevyl’s raw strength and Kevyl was awestruck by just how lithe and quick Maikaj was when he moved.

Suddenly, Kevyl found himself face down on the bed with his arms being held behind him by Maikaj, who was on top of him.  He felt Maikaj’s throbbing cock against his backside and involuntarily thrust his hips up towards Maikaj.  Each time he felt a throb, he felt a warm wetness in his asscrack.  Without warning, Kevyl felt something hot and hard at his hole. Compared to what he had seen, Maikaj’s cock felt much thicker when it was pressed against him.

Kevyl let out a loud, piercing moan as a searing pain tore through his body. Maikyl stopped pushing into him and let Kevyl adjust to it but something was also urging him on…

A deep guttural howl tore through Maikaj’s mind. He wasn’t sure what was happening but his body wasn’t under his control. Before he could try to understand what was happening, he had pushed Kevyl firmly into the bed and was driving his cock in and out of of Kevyl with no regard for Kevyl. It was when he bit down on Kevyl’s neck and tasted his blood that he knew something was out of control and he fought to control his body. Just as Maikaj thought he was in control, he felt a growing feeling rising from his testicles, a need to finish what he was doing.

Kevyl didn’t know what was happening to him except that what had started out gently and lovingly had turned rough and primal. When he tried to turn around to look at Maikaj was he when he was bitten and it was clearly a wolf’s muzzle that was biting him. He focused on his body and realized that Maikaj was no longer Maikaj, he was a wolf.

Just as Kevyl had put together the pieces of Maikaj’s becoming a wolf, Maikaj lost control and started filling Kevyl with his seed.

Maikaj returned to his body to realize that Kevyl was sobbing and bleeding and that he could taste blood in his mouth.

What in the name of the Great Wolf have I done?

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A Shaman’s Gift – Part 13

Even by Talijali standards, the reception was an extravagant affair with a bountiful harvest of its own combined with the fruits of the Pamnyki harvest meant being able to outdo even their own expectations.  The kitchen staff had been working for days to make sure everything was in readiness for the reception.  With a menu that consisted of the freshest fruits from around the region rushed in on horseback that morning, followed by a cold potato soup with minced plot bunny.  Plot bunny! Kevyl thought to himself. I’ve only heard rumors of plot bunny. The people of the Highlands speak of it as a delicacy! Kevyl soon found out why it was spoken of so highly. It was only found in the Highlands near cemeteries. Plot bunny yielded a tender meat that fell apart in the mouth, with a mild gamey taste.  The flavor of the plot bunny had only been accented by the choice of spices in the soup.

After the soup, there was a pause in the entrees to allow for the Lodge jesters to come in a perform.  The usual juggling, fire tossing, and acrobatics were interspersed with a friendly roast of the Sovereign and his new mate.  The jokes were mild, kept light as to not offend yet playing to some of the stereotypes of the Pamnyki and Talijali.  The jesters made their way out of the hall and Maikaj stood up which caused the Great Hall to fall silent.

“Our honored and distinguished guests,” he began, turning and motioning to leaders of Talija and Pamnkyi sitting beside him.  Turning back to the assembled crowd in the hall, “You as well, you are all our welcome guests here in Taljia!”  Maikaj lifted his mug of ale to loud cheers and applause.

Seeing the chief steward approaching the dais, Maikaj sat down.  The steward sat down a large platter filled by a large haunch of meat in front of Maikaj. Maikaj nodded and took the proffered blade and carved off the finest piece of meat to put on Kevyl’s plate. As he put the slab of meat on Kevyl’s plate, he exclaimed his love for Kevyl and that on this day, Kevyl would have the sovereign’s share. The hall erupted into applause and raucous cheers that only grew louder when Kevyl politely refused the portion and bowed in deference to Maikaj.  It wasn’t part of the ceremony or the rituals, but it was so natural that no one was the wiser.

The rest of the meal and festivities passed quickly as the food and spirits took control. Conversations grew a bit louder and the crowd more boisterous.  As night started to fall across the land, Maikyl was feeling the effects of one too many tankards of ale but didn’t care as this was the one time he’d be getting married in his life.  Much to his surprise, Kevyl stood up and clanged his spoon against his empty tankard silencing the hall.

“Ladies and Gentlemen … Wolves and Pamnyki, I stand before you as Kevyl-ja, Beta of the Wolf Lodge and consort of Most Revered Elpa Maikaj, leader of Talija, Head of the Wolf Lodge and Paw of the Great Wolf.

Almost twenty years ago, I was born here as my parents were the housekeepers and servants to the Pamnyki ambassador.  What I hadn’t known is that my parents fought to have me accepted at Talijali.  I thought that I would be here for a few years and then we’d return to Pamnyki.  My mother passed when I was 11 and my father at 17.

Shortly after my father died, I saw Maikyl for the first time.  He was in the dining hall in just his breeches, striding through the hall as if he was the Alpha.  He looked to be a year or two younger than me but I was struck speechless by his beauty and composure.

But who was I to dream of such a mate?  I worked and worked and slowly the memories of Maikyl faded from my mind.  When Maikyl ascended to lead the Lodge, I was only 22 and he was 34.  My attention to detail and discretion as the chief steward of the Lodge had brought his attention on me and he made me his personal houseman.

It was then that Maikyl and I first met.  His beauty and composure hadn’t changed nor had my schoolboy flutters.  My crush grew into lust and then into love.  I knew I would never have a chance with such a powerful and important man.  Yet, here we are today.” Kevyl stopped his impromptu speech to wipe tears from his eyes.

Maikaj took the opportunity to stand and continue on with the story, “When I brought Kevyl in as my houseman, I had no idea just what effect he would have on me.  At first, it was strictly platonic.  He was my manservant and grew to know my desires and my dislikes.  He soon began to know just the right time to bring something to me or to take something away.  I began to realize that Kevyl had feelings for me.  Feelings that I had never thought about.  I was married to Talija and the Great Wolf.  One day, I was walking through the courtyard and I caught a glimpse of Kevyl and my heart skipped a beat.  It was at that moment, I realized that I had silently fallen in love with him as well.

During the battles with Leathart, I knew that for our lands to survive, we need to be allies and what better way to celebrate our love and our union than with Kevyl as my mate and the Pamnyki as my brothers and sisters.”

As the long standing ovation ended, Maikaj turned to the crowd once more.

“Now, to celebrate our honeymoon!” as he picked up Kevyl and carried him out of the great hall.

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A Shaman’s Gift – Part 12


A blast of horns signalled Maikaj’s arrival at the back of the Great Hall. Dressed in his finest robes and jewels, he commanded attention. Striding down the aisle, his graceful gait accentuated by his robes flowing behind him. Approaching the dais, he saw Brojyl, his war leader, standing in his best uniform. As war leader, Brojyl was the second in command of Tajali and as such, would be presiding over the wedding. Maikaj would normally oversee a state wedding being the highest member of the Elpas.

Taking his place at the front of the hall, Maikaj turned and faced the back of the hall. Kevyl stepped around the corner dressed entirely in exotic leatherwork, a gift from the Pamnyki. Exquisitely made, it would have taken days of detailed handiwork to tan all the leather and sew it together. His strength was accentuated by the sword that he carried at his side downplaying his short stature. He strode with long soldier-like steps up to the dais and took his place beside Maikaj. Maikaj and Brojyl both noted the lack of expression on Kevyl’s face. The Pamnyki were a proud and noble people, Kevyl was following the traditions of his people.

Maikaj and Kevyl turned around, they made brief eye contact. Maikyl saw the briefest glimmer of a smile flash across Kevyl’s freckled face and knew his stoic face was all for show.

Maikaj gave the smallest of nods and Brojyl cleared his throat.

“Welcome to the wedding of Most Revered Elpa, the Alpha of Talija, Head of the Great Lodge and Paw of the Great Wolf; Maikaj of Farmdale and Steward of the Great Lodge Residences, Kevyl of the Pamnyki.

Please, let us give a special welcome to the Pamnyki who have come to see the one of their sons marrying our beloved Sovereign. Let them be welcomed here and show them our affection. Very soon, we will be united as one people through the marriage taking place today.”

The leader of Talija, Maikyl was wrapped up in the ceremony and fretting over any possible mistake or embarrassment . Kevyl was trying to stay a couple of steps of the ceremony so that he didn’t make any mistakes that would bring shame or disgrace to himself or Pamnyki.

In just over a half hour, Brojyl had gotten through all the formalities of their histories and titles. As the ceremony was nearing its end, Brojyl stood silent for a moment before addressing the gathered audience as much as Maikaj and Kevyl.

“Do you, Most Revered Elpa Maikaj, leader of Talija, Head of the Wolf Lodge and Paw of the Great Wolf, take Kevyl of the Pamnyki to be your mate, to cherish and protect, in love and anger, friendship and romance, to raise your pu…” Brojyl stopped and turned a deep shade of red. Maikyl shot a look at Brojyl, who just smiled and looked out at the crowd. “to lead Talija and Pamnyki to greater fortunes and prestige.”

Maikyl paused and solemnly looked at Brojyl then turned to Kevyl smiling from ear to ear, “I do!”

“Kevyl of the Pamnyki…” Brojyl repeating the same vows to Kevyl who solemnly vowed, “I do.”

Brojyl stepped forward, “You may now kiss.”

Everyone in the audience felt the electricity between Kevyl and Maikaj. Despite the near two foot height difference, Maikaj’s graceful leaning down and scooping Kevyl off his feet made the kiss seem effortless. The audience erupted into raucous cheers of approval and fireworks went off around the lodge as their lips touched. For a brief moment, it seemed that Maikaj and Kevyl had merged into one.

As they broke the kiss, they realized that something more had happened but didn’t know what. The once raucous crowd was now silent, mouths open and eyes wide. Brojyl stood stunned for a moment as well. He regained his composure but his voice was still shaking as the introduced the newlyweds to the assembled throng. Another raucous roar went up and the celebrations began.

Brojyl leaned into them and whispered, “Maikaj, your ears are showing.”

Kevyl looked at Maikaj and realized that his ears had grown furrier and more pointed. As they turned to face the crowd, Kevyl saw a large protrusion in Maikaj’s pants, but in the back. His mind quickly put all the pieces together and realized that his husband was not just the leader of the Wolf Lodge. He was part wolf as well.

Stepping down from the dais, the crowd gathering in close and surrounding them. Maikaj was shaking hands and waving while Kevyl walked beside him shaking hands and getting patted on the back.

The differences between the Pamnyki and the Talijali were more pronounced during the recessional. The Talijali were boisterous and reaching out to touch the newlyweds while congratulating them whereas the Pamnyki were calmly clapping and shaking hands.

Stopping at the back of the Great Hall, Maikaj and Kevyl turned back to the crowd. Maikaj loudly announced that that evening there would be a reception and celebration starting at mid-afternoon and that there would be a horn call to summon the revelers.

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A Shaman’s Gift – Part 11


Dawn broke over Talija and found Maikyl and Kevyl sleeping at the top of the tower, curled in their cloaks. The night was seasonably chilly, enough to put down a heavy dew that caught the sunrise turning the grasslands of Talija into fields of sparkling jewels.  Curled up in their chilly wet cloaks, they realized it would be nigh impossible to get back into the Lodge unnoticed.  Standing up and seeing the beauty around them, both were left breathless and their worries about going back in disappeared.

“In a few short hours, all of this will be…” Maikyl paused for a moment and looked at Kevyl with a beaming smile that spread ear to ear. “This will be ours my love.  We shall rule it together.”

Kevyl paused for a moment, taken aback by what Maikyl had just said.  Kevyl found himself running through the hidden passages, frantically trying to escape from the Lodge.

I’m not a ruler…I’m not even Talijali!…I’m the Sovereign’s consort, nothing more and nothing less!

Finally reaching the entry into their chambers, Kevyl charged into his own room to find that no one had been there yet.  He quickly changed into his commonest clothes and made his way out of the Lodge trying his best not to be seen.  Slipping out into the marketplace, Kevyl was amazed at how many people were already in the Lodge, the stalls doing a brisk business so early in the morning.

He hadn’t even reached the inner gates before two hulking brutes grabbed him by his arms and picked him up.  They said nothing but immediately started back for the Lodge.

“What in the name of Great Wolf is going on?” Kevyl screamed.

“Shut up.  Come with us.” growled one of the brutes, “Maikaj is not happy with you right now.”

“How did you…” Kevyl stopped and let his body go limp, head down, and stared at the dirt below.  Wolves, Kevyl.  Wolves.

After a few minutes, they crossed into the lodge. The dirt of the market gave way to the cobblestone of the Outer Lodge. He was keenly aware of where they were going until there was a sudden change in direction.  They were not heading to their chambers, they were heading for the Formal Lodge Hall where Maikaj kept court, causing Kevyl to shudder from the cold chill that went down his spine.

Faintly, Kevyl heard the mid-morning chimes from the market place as they turned the corner into court room behind the Formal Hall.

The brutes set him down and Kevyl fell onto the floor, suddenly aware of his failures.  The fading echo of the brutes’ boots was the only sound

Maikyl kneeled down and whispered to Kevyl, “Are you comfortable down there?”

Kevyl didn’t move, not even lifting his cheek to address Maikyl, muttering only a quiet yes.

Maikyl picked up Kevyl and set him on his feet.  Stepping next to him, he wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist. “All of this will be yours, you know. I will share all I have with you.”

Kevyl looked to the side. “I do not wish for power or land. I do not wish for wealth.”

Maikyl furrowed his brow. “What do you wish for?”

Kevyl looked up into Maikyl’s eyes and let out one word, You.

Maikyl gasped and stood silently. The simple honesty of Kevyl’s answer hit him like a hammer.  He had been so wrapped up in the details of Kevyl’s become his Beta, the 2nd in charge of the Lodge and all of Talija, he’d forgotten about Kevyl, his lover.

Maikyl felt tears starting to run down his face and turned away from Kevyl briefly. “Come my love, we need to talk.  Let us go back to the tower and talk privately.”

Soon they were back on top of the tower, removed from the chaos of the preparations. As they looked around the Lodge, they smiled at each other.

Maikyl dropped to one knee and tried to say something but couldn’t.  Kevyl extended a hand to help him rise but instead Maikyl kissed it gently.

“My soon-to-be husband, I apologize for my follies. I have been so wrapped up in the political and practical matters of our marriage, I have forgotten about you.  Your concerns and your needs weren’t even an afterthought.” Maikyl paused to wipe away a now steady stream of tears with his freehand, never letting go of Kevyl’s hand. He continued in a husky voice, filled to breaking with emotion, “Kevyl, what do you want from me? You will have the keys to all of Talija and yet you only ask for me.  Your heart is so sincere and I have forgotten about you as my lover. I have enjoyed your presence and the time we have spent together but how…”

Kevyl reached across and put a finger across Maikyl’s mouth, silencing him.

“My love, now you understand why I asked for you.  You are have been so wrapped up in the planning and the battles with Leathart that even when we were together, you were elsewhere.  You have three loves.  The Great Wolf, Talija, and me. I could never ask you to put me before the Great Wolf and with our marriage, I will be there beside you with Talija.” Kevyl ended with a smile.

Kevyl’s smile twisted into a brief smirk, “Most Revered Elpa Maikaj, leader of Talija, Head of the Wolf Lodge and Paw of the Great Wolf; I command you to rise.”

Maikyl was taken aback at Kevyl using his full titles and stood tall, his stature towering over Kevyl.

“Good. I will never see my husband on bended knee again unless it is in prayer or out of respect to another.  Am I understood?” Kevyl said with all the certainty of a leader.

“Kevyl-ja, my consort, Beta of the Wolf Lodge, you have my word. Now, let’s get ready and get married!”


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A Shaman’s Gift – Part 10


The feasting was over and the Great Hall had cleared out and now the Lodge was in clean up mode.  Maikaj was obviously battling exhaustion as he listened to the last few petitioners who had queued up to speak with him.  Kevyl sat in his place on the dais waiting for the final petitioners to be done so that he and Maikyl could retire back to their chambers.  It was another ten minutes but then they were being escorted out of the Great Hall and back to their chambers.

As they walked back to their chambers, Maikyl turned to Kevyl and asked him if he was ready for the handfasting.

“Maikaj, begging your pardon, but may I speak freely?” Kevyl asked cautiously.

Maikaj stopped walking, noting that Kevyl had addressed him as Maikaj.  What ever he wants to say, it must be important. With a wave of his hand, the guards that had been escorting them melted into the darkness of the halls, the sounds of retreating boots the only sign there had been others with them.  When the sounds of the boots faded away, Maikaj turned Kevyl so they were face to face.

“Kevyl, you may speak your mind.  What is it?”

“Maikaj, I don’t know if this is such a good idea.  I’m a commoner. I don’t know the ways of the Lodge. I don’t even know how to properly present myself.  I will just embarrass you and make a fool of the Lodge and of the Pamnyki.”

Maikyl couldn’t hold in the laugh that was building inside him.  He swept Kevyl up in a bear hug and spun him around.

“Kevyl, my love, you served the Lodge well.  The only change will be that instead of serving others, now people will be serving you.  You know how to properly address people and provide hospitality.  What more do you need to know?”

“Maikaj…” was all that Kevyl was able to say before Maikyl’s hand was over his mouth.

“Remember what I told you Kevyl.” Maikyl growled, eliciting a meek nod from Kevyl.

“Kevyl, tomorrow you will be my husband.  All the things we have thought about and haven’t done will be available to us.  It will add to your stature in the Lodge.” Maikyl said soothingly, trying to calm Kevyl, “The only difference is that after tomorrow, you will no longer have to be at my beck and call as a servant.  You will be my mate, my beta.  If you choose to do something for me, it is of your own volition not because you’re dutybound.”

Kevyl bowed deeply, “I know my Sovereign.  However, when I am addressing you as my Sovereign, I will use Maikaj.  It is your name and title.  Maikyl is used behind closed doors and in our private residence.”

Maikyl flashed a big grin as he realized what had happened before, “Kevyl, I am sorry that I snapped at you.  It will take me some time as well to adjust to you being at my side by choice, not duty.”

Looking around and seeing no one, Maikyl moved with the speed of a wolf and before Kevyl had a chance to react, Maikyl was biting as his throat.

Kevyl let out a moan and went limp in ecstasy.  Maikyl scooped him up and carried him into the Sovereign’s Retreat and kicked the door shut behind them.

Maikyl slowly undressed Kevyl, relishing the forbidden passion they were about to enjoy.  For the Sovereign to lose his purity before marriage would be a scandal that only the Great Wolf would be able to make right. Maikyl knew where things would have to stop, but harbored doubts that he’d be able to tame his inner wolf once his hormones took over.

In just a few moves, Kevyl was laying naked in the moonlight of the open window.  Maikyl felt the rush of hormones causing him to get lightheaded as he swooned at the sight of Kevyl’s creamy pale skin glowing in the dark.  Maikyl undid the embroidered belt of jewels that held his robe shut.  With a shrug, a loud clang resounded through the chamber as Maikyl stepped out of his royal robes revealing that he was naked under them.

Kevyl couldn’t stop his hormones nor the arousal that was throbbing between his legs.  A war was raging in his head, his hormones wanting to finally become one with Maikyl after all these years and the other side knew that if Maikaj lost his purity before the wedding, he would be forced to abdicate the throne and he would be put to death.

A few minutes passed with them admiring each other while lost in their own thoughts of the situation. Maikyl finally came back to his senses and realized that if they went any further it would be the death of Kevyl and likely himself.

“Kevyl, we can’t do this tonight.  Tomorrow night, we will realize our love and become one.  We risk our own lives for one night of passion.  I can’t risk you.  I just can’t.  Go to your chambers and find a warm cloak and wear nothing under it.  We are going on an adventure.”

Kevyl quickly threw on his underclothes and made a quick dash to his chambers.  He returned a few minutes later in a long flowing indigo cloak with the hood pulled up.  He looked around and slipped into Maikyl’s chambers where he was whisked through some of the back passages of the Lodge.  Kevyl found himself trying to figure out where they were going.  He thought he knew all the passages of the Lodge, but he was learning new ones following Maikyl.

Suddenly, there was an opening to the outside and Maikyl picked up Kevyl and spun him around again.Kevyl looked around and realized they were high atop the Lodge Tower. Kevyl looked around at Talija shining the moonlight, then looked up at the moon.

Maikyl smiled, “My … now our secret place.  Look around, it’s all ours.”

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A Shaman’s Gift – Part 9


The Lodge Guard spotted the brilliant verdant standard of the Pamnyki advancing up the road from the Everwater River, followed quickly by the blare of horns and drums that announced the approach of the Pamnyki delegation. The servants and butlers went from their normal routine to a flurry of frenzied activity with meals and hospitality that had to be readied for the delegation and their staff. The Lodge steward Brandyl gave a final inspection of the state suites that would be assigned to the incoming Pamnyki and announced their readiness before heading to the galley to check in with kitchen steward.

After speaking with the kitchen steward and getting his report that all was in readiness for the arrival and the wedding, Brandyl stepped out into the courtyard and felt the wind on his face. There was a touch of coolness in the breeze that carried the smell of rain in spite of their being no clouds in the sky.

The Lodge was built in the shape of a cross with equal sized arms and a central circular market. The Lodge Crier would stand in the middle of the market to read any sovereign announcements. Today, the open courtyard and market were abuzz with activity as everyone prepared to make the Lodge look its best. Another long horn blast followed by the sound of the Pamnyki’s traditional rallying cry announced that the delegation had arrived. Brandyl turned back and saw green and silver banner of the Pamnyki dip in respect to the Lodge Guard.

Brandyl threw up a small prayer to the Great Wolf: They are here. May You be with us and there be no incidents to disgrace us or you, oh Great Wolf.

He quickly continued over to the High Residence to follow up on their preparations. As he made his way through the East Spire lost in his thoughts of the preparations, he found himself walking into Kevyl’s quarters.

“GET OUT!” Kevyl screamed as the quickly pulled his finest breeches up to cover his nakedness.

Brandyl quickly turned away and apologized to him.

“Brandyl, what in the name of the Great Wolf were you thinking just barging in here? Even the regular Lodge servants have been walking through here like it was a common space.” Kevyl said clearly angry at the lack of respect being given to him.

Brandyl turned back to face him and found Kevyl standing there naked except for his socks. “Kevyl, I humbly apologize. I was lost in my mind going over the preparations and was thinking I needed to check in with you so that I knew how the High Residence’s preparations are coming along.”

Kevyl sucked in a breath and held it. It was all he could do to keep from exploding at Brandyl. Since Maikyl’s announcement of their impending handfasting, all of his duties had been given to Trevyl. As he let out a long slow sigh, Kevyl realized that Brandyl was probably as stressed as he was and that helped to calm him.

“Brandyl, you know that Trevyl has been in charge of the High Residence since Maikyl’s announcement.” Kevyl said with a hint of frustration.

“Indeed Kevyl. I do apologize. Is there anything you need before you and Maikaj receive the Pamnyki?”

Kevyl let out a chuckle, which turned into a long gale of laughter. “Actually, I just want to get this done with. I don’t want to get dressed and deal with all the protocol of receiving the delegations, the last minute planning for the handfasting…” Kevyl stopped laughing and turned serious, “Brandyl, you should leave so that Maikaj and I can finishing getting ready. The guards are here to escort me to the Great Hall and I’m not even dressed.”

Brandyl turned to look out the door, saw the two guards dressed in their ceremonial Lodge uniforms and quickly took his leave. The two guards stepped into the room.

“Kevyl, you must quickly dress. The delegation will be in the Great Hall shortly.”

Kevyl muttered under his breath, I know what I need to do but if people don’t stop interrupting me.

He quickly dressed and meticulously groomed in front of the reflecting stone. Satisfied that he looked the best he could look, he slipped on the deer skin boots that he commissioned just for today’s celebrations.

He took one last look in the reflecting stone taking note of how the silver and green interplayed against his pale skin and red hair. His stocky but muscular physique stood out amongst the Talijali but the Pamnyki would find him to be normal.

He motioned to the two guards and they stepped out into the hallway, meeting Maikyl and his four guards. Maikyl hesitated for a moment and mis-stepped as Kevyl walked out of his quarters. Maikyl had never seen Kevyl looking so attractive as he did in his Pamnyki finery.

They walked to the Great Hall with Kevyl keeping two paces behind Maikyl. As they approached the Great Hall, they were stopped briefly by Brandyl who let them know that all was in readiness.

The doors to the Great Hall were opened and Kevyl stepped out into the warm light. He led the Talijali entourage into the hall and ascended the dais. He took his seat and waited patiently as the rest of the Talijali guests came in and settled in to the Great Hall. The wait seemed to go on for a long time but finally, Kevyl heard the blast of horns from the back of the Hall and looked up to see the doors being drawn open. He stood along with the rest of the Hall as Maikaj strode in, dressed in full regalia.

Maikaj ascended the dais and paused in front of this throne. He turned to Kevyl and kissed his hand as the crowd gave its approval. He sat down and the hall sat down after he was settled.

“My sovereign, we have guests this glorious day…” barked the Lodge Crier.


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