Novo Komenco – Part 7

The red light above the camera turned on and looked into the camera as if he was looking into the eyes of every viewer would would see the broadcast that was happening. “My fellow Novateroj, I speak to you as the President of Novatero and as former resident of Terra, or as we knew her Earth. If you launched […]

Novo Komenco – Part 6

“President Taylor! President Taylor!” were the first words that he heard as he recovered.  The next thing he was conscious of was his heart pounding in his ears. He slowly pulled himself up and rested on his elbows.  He felt fine but there was a commotion around him. “Apparently, the President of the country isn’t allowed to […]

Novo Komenco – Part 5

The formal stateroom was set up for a full formal state dinner. As they got settled in, the crew of the Mercy seemed to appear out of nowhere. Orders were quickly taken and drinks appeared on the table. A small chamber orchestra was playing a harmony that he couldn’t quite place. The harpist had a talent that made her […]

Novo Komenco – Part 4

“Hello. I’m Commandant Kevlin. Welcome aboard the Kepler Federation Ship Mercy.” “Well, that’s why I think she said.” Obsidian thought to himself before his mind realized that she’d said Kepler Federation Ship. A collective gasp went up from the room. “Yes, I know.  You launched from the World Astronautical Consortium on the Endeavour.  This is the same ship.” Another gasp […]

Novo Komenco – Part 3

(Author Note: One more short week. There’s a bombshell coming and I needed to figure out how to attack it.) Obsidian turned to the person sitting on his right, “What’s thirty more minutes right?” “What did you just say?” snarled the person. “I just said that thirty more minutes shouldn’t be a problem since we’ve been in […]

Nova Komenco – Part 2

Please read to the end to find other authors posting this week! The launch had gone smoothly and they were on their way.  Now in outer space, it was time to put them into stasis for the trip.  As he laid down in his stasis pod, he thought he smelled lilacs. That’s impossi… Obsidian opened his eyes again […]

Nova Komenco – Part 1

(Author note: My apologies for the previous flash entry – it’s a story idea that I really liked but I couldn’t pull it together enough to make into a series. I will likely come back to it in the future.  This week’s flash is a short intro as well, but I do have future parts […]