Tales of the Cabin – Part 3

(Author note: Sorry this is late and kinda chaotic. I’m dealing with a ruptured disc in my low back and the medications for short term management are doing one hell of a number on my mental state! – Johayan)



“Good morning Kevan!” I said cheerfully as I walked into his office.

“A pleasure Mr. Ramhart” he answered professionally.

“The wire transfer came through without any issues?” I inquired, if there were any problems, my plans would be pushed back.

“It did. It has already been distributed as you requested.”

I left myself relax a bit. My future was now planned for and with solid management, I would be living comfortably for the rest of my life.

Kevan was one of few people who knew my plans.  I’d known him for a while and never expected to be needing his services in private wealth management.  I had not extended an invitation for him to join my plans, but it might yet happen.

• Two years later…

I tapped the remote for the security gate and smiled as the gate lifted.

Finally, after millions of dollars and lots of headaches, the compound was ready.

I’d gotten lucky and had gotten a ranch that was going out of production.  2160 acres of mixed farmland and forest, two small lakes, and all utilities except for television/internet already pulled out to the property, it was nearly perfect.

Short work was made of tearing out the existing structures.  It was eighteen months of getting the solar farm installed and getting the local power cooperative to sign off on it.  Once that was done, construction of the first few cabins was done before the fiber optics got laid.

Now, two years in, the first seven cabins were complete, I had a list of friends that were getting invited up to living in the compound.  It was a safe place for those of us who didn’t fit the norms of society.  Be it the loner online gamer, the ‘open minded’ who doesn’t agree with societies’ norms, or just friends of mine who are mostly normal but just want to get away from the rat race.

I’d already packed everything in the city, my friend Aaron had already gotten his stuff out to his cabin and was happily living away from it all.  Jax was supposed to be out there already but had run into issues with getting some stuff moved to a new county.  I know my friends and I know some of what’s going on their lives.  I’d required background checks on them to make sure there were no criminal issues with them living out there.

A quick check of the receiving dock showed that grocery orders and general supplies were stocked up.  I parked car in the ‘garage’ which was really just a big metal shed with a couple dozen parking stalls in it.  It used to be the horse barn for the ranch and was the only building that was saved.

I saw a couple of other cars in that I didn’t recognize but I hadn’t learned all the support staffs vehicles yet.

I walked over to my house.  Most people would describe it as a cabin.  I activated the biometrics and the door opened.  I dropped my clothes into the laundry drawer by the door.  To be finally home and living as a nudist full time.

It had been twenty or so years previous that Kyle, a long term college roommate, introduced me to the nudist way of life.

We’d moved off campus and I thought I knew him as well as I could.  I got home from class one afternoon, and there was Kyle.  Kicked back on the couch, naked and slowly pulling on his erect cock. I was stopped dead in my tracks.  I was fascinated that he’d just be doing that in the middle of the living room and yet was confused at the same time.  I was aroused, disgusted, and put off.

I stood there watching him for what seemed like forever.  He wasn’t watching porn or anything like that.  He was playing video games and giving himself a helluva good time judging by his breathing and grunting.

I tried to get back into my room as quietly as I could but with a full backpack and having been standing in place for a good 20-30 minutes, I was neither quiet nor graceful.

I settled in to my desk and fired up my own video games, leaving the bedroom door open.  Kyle and I had never shut our doors before, so why start now.

I’d just got into my game groove when I heard Kyle walk up to my bedroom door.

“Dude, you saw me didn’t ya.” he said with a mix of pride and uncertainty.

“I did man, you were just sitting there pounding one out.”

A smirk crossed his face, “Yeah, so?  We’re guys, every guy does it,” came the proud reply.

“I guess, but I just didn’t expect to see it like that.”

“You’ve never done it outside your bed have you?” Kyle asked as his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“No.  Why would I?” I said sheepishly.

“Damn man, get naked and drop your ass on the couch.  We’re gonna play games and pull it.”

“I…uh…” suddenly I was very conscious of my cock and balls in my shorts.

“Just do it man, trust me, once ya do, you’ll never want to wear clothes again.”

“One time man.  No one knows.” I said, completely unsure of what was going to happen.

Before long, my state of nudity was lost as we got lost in the video games and trying to sniper shot each other.  I hadn’t even noticed that I was hard…or that Kyle was again.  The rage of our gaming had our testosterone flowing.

As I stepped around a corner in the game, my side of the screen turned red as Kyle had gotten me with a one-shot kill.

“See, told ya you wouldn’t care any more.”

I looked down and saw that not only was I erect, I had leaked a sizable puddle of precum onto the couch.

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Tales of the Cabin – Part 2

I’d gotten lucky in that the state had passed a change in the rules regarding the MegaLotto at the beginning of the year.  Winners could choose blanket anonymity upon winning a jackpot over a million dollars.

I was kicked back with my feet on coffee table daydreaming of job.  I’d taken the day off with a stomach bug.  I wasn’t going to give my notice until I had the money in my account and had a good slab of it set aside for my retirement.  I had already notified the state of my winning ticket and gone through all of the paperwork to validate that I did indeed have the winning ticket.

Debating between lunch and watching another movie on WebFlicks, I was interrupted by a firm and insistent knocking on the door to my apartment.

I stood up, made sure I was dressed enough to be polite, and made my way over to the door.  A second round of knocking greeted me as I got to the door. Looking out the peephole, I saw our building manager Jessica with a State Trooper and a very smartly dressed woman standing on either side of her.

I swallowed hard and opened the door, my voice was not what I expected it to be as I squeaked out a “Hello.”

It was the building manager who spoke first.

“Mr. Vince Ramhart?” she asked stiffly.

“Yes.” I answered as stiffly.

“Vince, they have asked to be escorted to your apartment.  They have asked that I sign paperwork as a witness.”

I couldn’t control the sudden upward arch of my eyebrows.

“Mr. Ramhart. I’m State Patrol Director Michael Boyd.  May we step into your home?”

“Certainly.” I said as a I stepped aside. “Please, come into the living room and make yourself comfortable.”

“We won’t be here long Mr. Ramhart.  Do you have positive photo identification?”

“I do.” I said as I noticed as small bead of sweat rolling down my low back and I disappeared to my bedroom.

I came back out carrying a small firesafe box. I opened it and brought out my Social Security card, passport, certified birth certificate and the notarized copy of my lease.

“May I examine these?” Director Boyd asked dryly.

“You may.” I said with a slight smile.  Our building manager was still struggling to figure out what was doing on with the whole situation.  It had taken me a few minutes but I realized the other person with Director Boyd was the state Lottery Director Jane Rohr.

They both looked over the documents from the safe in excruciating detail.  Once both were satisfied, the other person smiled.

“Mr. Ramhart,” the other person started as she lifted her briefcase onto the coffee table. “You know who I am.” She said continuing to open the briefcase which seemed to have four different locks.

As the briefcase popped open, she reached in and removed a tamper-proof sealed envelope.

“This is yours now Mr. Ramhart.  If you need anything, please feel free to contact your advisor.” She said with a small smile as she removed a 2nd envelope from the briefcase.

“Mr. Ramhart, if you could sign certifying that you have received the document.” she cooed while pointing to a signature line with my name below it.

I picked up the proffered pen and realized that the attestation did list who she was.  ‘No keeping it from the building manager now’ I thought to myself as I signed the sheet.

Director Boyd signed, quickly followed by the Lottery Director.  As the sheet was slid over to the building manager, she couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer.

“What is it that I’m signing for exactly?” she asked suspiciously.

“You are a witness that the envelope that is now in Mr Ramhart’s possession is indeed in his possession.” Director Boyd answered dryly.

He’s a lot of fun at parties I bet. I thought to myself with a small giggle.

She looked down at the sheet and looked over the signature lines and as she read the title of the Lottery Director, her eyes got bigger.

“Oh!” she said with a smile and scrawled her signature on the form.

Director Boyd and Director Rohr stood up, “Mr. Ramhart, unless you have any questions, I believe our work here is done.”

“Indeed.” was the one word response from Director Rohr.

“Actually, I do have a question. Would it be possible for me to get a ride from Director Boyd?” I hoped I could.  The 8×11 envelope in my hand was shaking slightly.

“We aren’t supposed to do so, but I can certainly escort you to your destination.”

“Thank you sir.” I said with a relieved smile.

Director Boyd turned to Jessica, “Thank you for accompanying us today. If you could leave us with Mr. Ramhart for a few moments.”

“Well, uh, yes. Certainly.” She sputtered as she stood up, smoothed her skirt, and before anyone could realize she was gone, the door shut behind her.

“Mr. Ramhart, I’m assuming you wish to be escorted to your bank?”

“I do. I won’t stop shaking until …this is in the bank.”

A quick thirty minutes later, I had deposited the largest check of my life. I quickly paid off my car, student loans, and a couple of small loans.

“Thank you Director Boyd.” I said with a smile.

I returned home and stopped in the building office on my way up.  I wrote out a check for the rest of my lease.  I was keeping the apartment as it would take time for my plans to be realized.

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Tales of The Cabin – Part 1


It was another mindless day in the cube farm. At most other companies, I’d have an office.  Not a corner suite, but an office none the less.  As I looked at my schedule for the rest of the week, all I saw was meeting after meeting.  I was glad I was going on vacation in a couple of weeks.

While I enjoy my job, it’s not the most intellectually stimulating job.  The only excitement was the breaking news that someone had purchased a winning lottery ticket at the convenience store in the lobby.

I normally buy five tickets, one for each work day. For some reason, I’d only gotten one this week.  Folded away in my wallet, it was the weekly representation of my dreams, was my escape from the cube farm.

By the end of the day, I was sick of hearing about the winning lottery ticket that had been sold.  One person had won 77 million dollars.  If they took the lump-sum total, it was a check for 41 million after taxes.

As I sat on the train home, I leaned my head back and let my mind wander.  Before long, I was hiking in the woods, a faint trail visible only to those who lived in those woods.  Hiking through the woods, I came into a clearing with a log cabin home.  My home.  I had the plans all sketched out, the costs planned for, and utilities handled.

My dream was 160 acres, a square mile, up north in the woods.  A small lake would be nice but that was a preference not a must have for the land. 10 acres would be next to the road, filled out with a solar farm, water wells and storage, and the other infrastructure necessities.  In my mind, we would be almost entirely self-sufficient except for groceries.

I leaned my head over rested it on the window.  I still had another 45 minutes to sit and stare at nothing.  I didn’t like living in the city, so I was stuck with an hour-long light rail commute each day.  As I stared out the window and watched the warehouse district roll by, I thought about what I’d do if I had my land.

My work life and my personal life were polar opposites.  Work saw me as a straight-laced, professionally dressed cube worker.  I did my job, did it well, and kept my head down. It’s the easiest way to work your way up.  If you make waves, people remember who you are and that’s not how you want to be known.  You want to be the ‘quiet’ one who works hard and gets work done on-time and under-budget.

My personal life…

I’m a neo-pagan, bisexual, sexually liberated nudist.  Not an exhibitionist, I don’t care for an audience, but I hate clothes.  The first thing I do when I get home from work is take off all my clothes and breathe a sigh of relief.

Every three months, I go camping.  I pack up my gear into my late model Saturn that has lasted me for 20 years with good maintenance and will probably outlive my ability to easily get parts.  Once up north, I have a couple of places I know. I park the car near the trailheads and hike out a couple of miles.  A nice quiet campsite by a small river and I’m in heaven.  Pitch the tent, ditch the clothes, and just lay back in the hammock.

It was a sudden jerk stop of the train that threw me out of my seat and into the seat in front of me.

What the hell?!

It took a few moments for me to realize that either the train had hit something or had derailed.  There wasn’t a list to the rail car but it seemed prudent to get off the train.  I quickly grabbed my bag and stood up just as the Transit Police boarded the train. It was an orderly evacuation with everyone getting a quick medical check for any injuries.

I was fine aside from being rattled.  I quickly figured out where I was and realized it was only a few blocks away from my usual stop.

I’ll just hoof it from here. It’ll be nothing compared to my hikes.

Before long, I was home, naked, and laying on the couch. It wasn’t until after I had made dinner that the reality of what had happened earlier in the day hit me.

I pulled up one of the TV stations websites and saw that someone had waited for an express train and then pulled their sub-compact out in front of it.  Suicide by train is what they called it.  I saw the security footage from the Transit Police as the person pulled their car in front of the train and then made the sign of the cross just before the train smashed the car into bits. Mercifully, the footage had been stopped just before the train plowed into the car.

I realized that I need to get out of the city and away from the rat race.  I had enough in my retirement accounts to live comfortably once I hit sixty, but at 38, I wasn’t in a position to do it.

As I turned back to the computer, I saw the story about the winning lottery ticket.  I pulled my wallet out of my pants and checked the numbers.

5 – 11 – 17 – 25 – 38 – 42…

My heart was in my throat.  Could it be?  I checked the bonus number.


It took everything for me not to go running through the condo screaming for joy. There would be a difficult few weeks until I got the payout, but I was on my way to being a multi-millionaire.

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