The Dinner Party – Part 3 (NSFW)

Watching from the kitchen, Danny and Jackie were amused then shocked by what they saw. Danny had heard stories about Kevyn having a wild side and that he ‘used to be’ heavily involved in the local BDSM community.  Danny had always told himself that it didn’t matter because that was part of Kevyn’s past.  But […]

The Dinner Party – Part 2

Jason and Kevyn flipped between the games on TV, but couldn’t settle on anything they wanted to watch while the drama in the kitchen continued. Danny and Jackie had finally stopped bickering. Judging from the noises heard, dinner was finally being made and getting put in the oven. “Kevyn, you’re lucky.” Jason said abruptly causing […]

The Dinner Party – Part 1

“Danny, are you just going to stand there drinking cocktails and giggling at me or are you going to help?” Jackie asked as she let out an exasperated gasp. “Do you need help darlin’?” Danny asked with a smirk on his face. Jackie picked up her glass of wine and downed it in one large […]