The Dinner Party – Part 4 (Finale)


As they sat down to dinner, Jackie looked over at Danny and the ring on his finger. She smiled and looked over at Kevyn and Jason as her smile got bigger.

Two years ago was the original dinner party that never happened. Kevyn and Jason had found each other and Danny had fucked the shit out of her right on the counter.

As Jackie sat down, Kevyn stood up and raised his glass.

“I would like to propose a toast to the four of us.

Danny, to you I say thank you. Thank you for understanding that my needs were different than yours.” Kevyn said with a smile and giggle as the rest laughed.

Danny piped up, “You could say that ‘bout my needs too.” which caused Jackie to reach over and give Danny’s leg a squeeze.

Kevyn continued, “Danny, most people would be bitter enemies after what has happened between us. Seeing your partner with someone else and discovering they are happier with someone else is what drives friendship to hatred.

We have had many long talks both as ex-lovers and as friends which is part of the reason I think we are still such close friends.”

There was a small polite round of applause and clinking of glasses before Kevyn continued again.

“Jackie. Sweet Jackie. You are the reason that Danny and I stayed together as long as we did. You ‘kept him’ here in the city which kept him nearby for me. I can’t imagine the amount of sexual tension between the two of you that was pent up for all those years.” Kevyn said as Jackie turned shades of red.

“How Jackie and Danny kept themselves apart had to be divine intervention or more willpower than most people ever have in their lives. Danny, I appreciate you being faithful to me but if I had known you were only staying with me to keep from hurting me…” Kevyn stopped for a moment and wiped away the tears that were starting run down his face, “I would have rather you and I had split up so you could be happy. So many things we have all learned in the last two years.”

Danny smiled as he wiped away tears and Jackie was just holding herself together, not wanting her makeup ruined by the sudden upwelling of tears in her eyes.

Danny stood up, “I would like to make a toast to all of us as well. To Kevyn and Jackie to the best husband and the best wife a man could have. It sounds odd to say especially given my late coming out as straight.” Danny was interrupted by laughter.

“As I was saying.” Danny continued as a smile spread across his face. “we have forged a relationship and bonds that are stronger than most. I know I am Jackie’s second husband but yet…

Kevyn turned to Jason but before he could say anything, Jason stood up and barked at Kevyn to sit down.

Kevyn’s mouth dropped open and he sat down abruptly.

Jason smiled, “That felt good. Really really good.” he said as his face grew serious, “I have been lucky enough in the last ten years to be friends with all of you.

Danny, I have to thank you the most. If it because of you that I met Jackie and indirectly that I met Kevyn. Your cooking is second to none, your laughter and good nature infectious, and well, you are easy on the eyes.” Jackie and Kevyn both nodded as he continued, “Jackie, we shared friendship, a long relationship that ended awkwardly, and yet, I feel we are closer than ever now.

Kevyn, thank you for being you and teaching me who I am. Wait, not teaching me who I am but allowing me to learn who I am. From that first awkward meeting on the porch here to now, it has been a journey of self-discovery.

Jackie, thank you for showing me how a strong person can be soft and how a soft person can be strong.” Jason forced a smile trying to hide the tears in his eyes.

He slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small box. Dropping to his knees in front of Kevyn, he choked out his proposal.

“Kevyn, at first, I was your toy, then a boy, then your lover, and with this ring, we will be each others partners. Will you marry me?”

Kevyn sat dumbstruck, mouth open with tears running down his face. A few moments of silence passed before Jackie punched his shoulder.

“Ya big doof, are you gonna marry the boy or not?!” Jackie asked with giggle.

Kevyn finally came to his senses, “Of course I will Jason. With one condition.”

Danny and Jackie both gasped in unison as Kevyn continued, “Jason, I will marry one on the condition that there is no more master/slave or dom/sub unless we want it. We will be equals, partners, and committed to each other for life.”

The smile that grew across Jason’s face as Kevyn gave his condition looked like it would split his face. Jackie’s control over her crying was no more as she was sobbing while Danny held her hand and used his napkin to dry his own eyes.

Jason broke the silence, exclaiming “Yes!”

Kevyn smiled, “Then yes, Jason. I will marry you for forever and always as your partner and equal.”

As Jason slid the ring onto Kevyn’s finger, Kevyn slipped his right hand into his pocket and pulled out his keys. He leaned forward and kissed Jason. As his kissed him, he fingered his keys and found a small key on his keychain. He slid the key into the small padlock on the chain around Jason’s neck.

“My love, you don’t need this any longer.” he said in a reverntial tone. He slipped the lock out of the chain and shut it. He turned to the group and snapped the key rendering the closed lock useless.

The two couples started eating the dinner that had been interrupted by the roller coaster of life.

– End –

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The Dinner Party – Part 3 (NSFW)

Watching from the kitchen, Danny and Jackie were amused then shocked by what they saw.

Danny had heard stories about Kevyn having a wild side and that he ‘used to be’ heavily involved in the local BDSM community.  Danny had always told himself that it didn’t matter because that was part of Kevyn’s past.  But having watched him drive Jason to his knees, he wasn’t so sure if it was in the past.

Jackie was upset by seeing her man drop to his knees and submit to Kevyn but at the same time, she realized that she had soaked her panties watching the scene that unfolded.  She had always thought Kevyn was sex on legs but seeing him flex his dominance over Jason was just too much.  She blushed a bit when she could smell her wetness.

Danny caught a whiff of it at the same time and realized that now would not be the time to make a joke about it.  He turned to Jackie and let out a gasp when he saw that she had one hand rubbing her crotch and the other playing her breast.

Danny’s gasp startled Jackie and she realized what she was doing. Danny was confused too as he found that watching Jackie enjoying herself and smelling her sex…Danny stepped over to her and kissed her gently.

Jackie didn’t respond at first but she also didn’t pull away.  Danny was cute but she’d never thought of him that way.  He was like a little sister to her but as that thought crossed her mind, Danny’s pulsing erection pressed against her leg.  Her hormones took over and she caressed what she thought to be a summer sausage except it was hot to the touch and throbbing in her hand.  She felt herself blush and her breasts began to ache, begging to be touched and used.

Danny wasn’t sure what to do at first but reached out and ran his fingers over her nipples which were quite visible in spite of her bra and shirt.  Jackie felt an electric charge flash through her body.  Even Danny’s cautious exploration was more intense than anything Jason had done for her but having seen what happened with Kevyn, it suddenly made sense.  She let out a husky moan as Danny lightly pinched her nipples.

Danny found himself drawn to Jackie, attracted to her, needing her.  He cupped her breasts in his hands and gave her a passionate kiss while pushing her up against the wall with his body, instinctively grinding his still rock hard erection into her.  Jackie fumbled with her blouse, ripping off one of the buttons as she rushed to take it off.

“Oh fuck it!” she exclaimed as she threw the blouse to the floor and ripped off her bra.

Even though he’d seen Jackie naked more times than he could count, this time was different.  The sight of her breasts was enough for his hidden feelings to overcome the shame he had given them.  It felt natural, not something to be done like when Kevin topped him.  He felt precum ooze out of his foreskin and felt a gnawing feeling growing inside him.  He needed her…to be inside her.  His hormones had rendered logical thought impossible.

His hands had dropped from her warm flushed breasts down to her pants. He had already unbuttoned them and was slowly sliding them down from her hips, his thumbs hooking her panties to pull them down at the same time.  He went down as gracefully as her pants and buried his face in her hairless vagina.  He felt the heat and moistness radiating from her.  Starting to kiss her swollen lips, he ran his tongue the length of her tasting her for the first time; tasting a woman for the first time.  A trail of wet kisses marked his path from her clit up to her breasts.

He stopped and stood up, slowly taking off his button fly jeans, revealing his thick veiny cock.  Jackie looked up at Danny and then slowly looked down his body, taking in his tight pecs, the light dusting of hair that led from his belly button down to the…

“Holy shit!” Jackie exclaimed as she realized just how ‘gifted’ Danny was…”please tell me you’re not a total bottom.”

Danny thrust forward and without trying, plunged into Jackie.  As she let out a loud moan, she leaned back against the wall and wrapped her legs around his waist.  Leaning up off the wall, she pulled herself up against Danny’s lithe body, her breasts against his pecs which transmitted the flex of each step as he carried her across the kitchen.  Picking her up and setting her on the counter, he started her kissing her again and started to slowly make love to her.  Each time he slid into her, a part of his gayness disappeared.  It was all over before he even realized that is was coming.   Jackie let out a sigh of disappointment.

Danny kept inside her but leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Just means this time will take a lot longer.”  He started making love to her, her moans and gasps urging him on.  It was a fantasy coming true but with repercussions…

As they got into their rhythm, they didn’t hear Kevyn and Jason come back in the house but they had heard them.  Sneaking into the kitchen, seeing Danny pounding Jackie and seeing Jackie’s hands scratching and clawing down his back, Kevyn nudged Jason back into the living room.

Jason was smiling from ear to ear, “This will make things easier won’t it sir?”

Kevyn smiled, “Oh yes, yes it will boy.  I always wondered why Jason didn’t seem that interested in sex but I think I know now.”

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The Dinner Party – Part 2

Jason and Kevyn flipped between the games on TV, but couldn’t settle on anything they wanted to watch while the drama in the kitchen continued. Danny and Jackie had finally stopped bickering. Judging from the noises heard, dinner was finally being made and getting put in the oven.

“Kevyn, you’re lucky.” Jason said abruptly causing Kevyn to turn suddenly. “Your spouse can actually cook and probably can iron a shirt without scorching it.

“Jason, we both can cook and yes, both of us can iron too. Just don’t watch Danny do it. You’ll be convinced he’s going to iron his hand at any moment.”

They both cracked up laughing. The four of them had been in their respective relationships for almost eight years, they had gotten to know each other both as friends but also as confidants. It had just worked out that they could talk to one of the others who could find the right way to bring up the subject to someone else. If Jason was being overly heterosexist, Kevyn would talk to Jackie who know who to get it through to Jason that what he was doing was wrong.

As time had gone on, they came to rely on the spouses less and less and would have direct conversations. To an outsider, it seemed like a recipe for disaster but for the four of them, it was a dynamic that had worked well for years.

Kevyn turned to Jason, “I’m just glad they left to go get the butter. I can cook but Danny is so damn picky about what he wants. Butter is butter! It doesn’t matter if it’s unsalted, lightly salted, salted, or even sea salted. It’s butter!”

Jason let out a laugh, “At least you know what butter is and how to use it. I love Jackie but she’s kitchen challenged.” Out of no where, Jason let out a deep sigh, “Jackie’s challenged in a lot of ways.”

Kevyn stopped and turned on the couch to face him, “Jason! Where did that come from? We all know Jackie’s not the best cook, but that was mean!”

Jason put his head down and tried to hide his face but Kevyn could see the tears in his eyes.

“Jason, what is going on? Are you and Jackie really having that many problems?” Kevyn said as he turned toward the kitchen door, “Did you guys want us to get any wine? Danny, you know I can pair wine.”

A muffled voice came back from the kitchen, “Two bottles of a medium-dry chardonnay, preferably northern Italian or from southern Germany, oh and something as an aperitif.”

Kevyn spoke up, “Okay babe, we’ll be back soon. How long before dinner is ready?”

“At least an hour and a half. We’re having some…difficulties.” was the reply followed by giggles from Jackie.

Kevyn’s face flashed momentary concern, “Danny never has major issues in the kitchen.” Kevyn giggled in his head, “Or in the bedroom.”

Kevyn grabbed his jacket from the arm of the couch and motioned towards Jason with a nod towards the door.

As they walked out the door and Jason shut and locked it behind them, Jason looked up and down the street. Seeing no one, he grabbed Kevyn and spun him around. As Kevyn faced him, Jason planted a rough passionate kiss.

Unbeknownst to either of them, Jackie and Danny were watching from the kitchen window.

Out on the porch, Kevyn tried to pull away but his body leaned in closer to Jason. “I shouldn’t…” he tried to say but Jason was kissing him again, slipping his tongue into Kevyn’s slightly open lips. Finding the strength to overcome his hormones, Kevyn pulled away.

“Jason, what the fuck are you doing? Jackie would kill us both … and Danny …I’d be single before I could wipe my lips dry.”

“Kevyn, I love you. Somewhere after we had the double wedding , probably about a year later, I realized that I was falling for you. You’re so…masculine. At first, I thought it was just a man crush since you are so put together and you’re a sports nut like I am” Jason took a quick breath and the deluge of thoughts and emotions kept pouring out, “but one afternoon, I was sitting on the couch watching a game….and I realized I was rubbing my crotch…thinking of you. I liked it. I wanted to know what it would be like to caress your skin with my fingers and to make love to you.”

Kevyn’s jaw dropped. “Yeah, I’ve fantasized about him…I’ve talked to Jackie about what he’s like in bed…and I’d love to take control of him and …” but Kevyn’s thoughts were interrupted by Jason’s hand cupping his rapidly swelling cock.

Before he could stop himself, he had grabbed Jason with both arms and started pulling him downwards.

Jason didn’t realize what was happening but was quickly on his knees looking up and Kevyn with a look that was a mix of fear and pleading.

Kevyn smirked and growled, “You didn’t expect this now did you boy?’

Jason’s face flashed pure joy for just a moment before he controlled it, but it was too late. Kevyn had seen the look and knew he had found his … ’boy/property’. The two words collided in his head, both having been given form by the same process, just one version was much more intense.

Kevyn smiled, “Let’s go get the wine Jason. If we don’t get back soon, they’ll think we were messing around or something.”

Kevyn took off towards the driveway and Jason stood and followed quietly behind him, head down. Kevyn stole a glance behind him and saw Jason smiling as only a boy, who has found his master and his place in a new relationship, can smile.

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The Dinner Party – Part 1


“Danny, are you just going to stand there drinking cocktails and giggling at me or are you going to help?” Jackie asked as she let out an exasperated gasp.

“Do you need help darlin’?” Danny asked with a smirk on his face.

Jackie picked up her glass of wine and downed it in one large gulp. As she set down the glass, she sighed again.

“Danny, I can cook day-to-day meals pretty well most of the time. Why on earth did I agree to make a formal dinner for the four of us?”

“I dunno Jackie, why did ya?” Danny said as he let out a small giggle. “Probably because you know I’d be here and able to bail you out if somethin’ went wrong. Whatcha you planning? I can prolly get you back on track.”

Jackie listed off the menu for the night. Danny pursed his lips tightly and looked at the clock.

“We can do it Jackie, but it’ll be tough. Do ya have everything we need?” he asked as he started going through the fridge.

“Yes Danny, I have all the ingredients but I just know I’m gonna screw up the timing and presentation.”

“Jackie!” Danny shrieked with an even more pronounced southern drawl, “Ya don’t have any buttah.”

Jackie giggled at Danny’s seeming inability to say ‘butter’. “Too many years in Georgia” she thought as she laughed, “Of course I don’t.” she said as she shook her hips from side to side salaciously, “I have to keep my girlish figure.”

“Ah hell Jackie, I can’t make all this without buttah. You can get by with that soy margarine stuff ya got now, but I’ll send Kevyn to the store to pick up two pounds of butter here in a bit. But, you’ll be fine darlin’. Now you just stand back and let a kitchen bitch get it together. Ya know if I spend the entire time in the kitchen, ya just know that Kevyn and Jason will both know that I made dinner and not you.”

Jackie let out a snort. “True. Jason will just be happy to have a good meal at home. Kevyn will be in and out of here checking on you the entire time if you aren’t out in the great room with the boys.”

Danny got to work and staged the ingredients in the refrigerator along with notes on each entree. Half an hour later, the kitchen was set up with directions for Jackie to follow to bring it all together.

Jackie stood back watching Danny work his magic in the kitchen. When they had met in college, she would have never suspected that he would become a renowned chef. He was the typical hippie college kid except that he never got into drugs or alcohol. In fact, the only time that Jackie had ever seen him drink was a glass of wine or beer with a meal.

She had held a crush on him for a couple of years but was jolted out of it when she met Kevyn and Danny introduced him as his longtime partner. After graduating from college, Jackie and Danny had been roommates and had become the other’s best friend. She had watched as Danny and Kevyn had grown from dating, to ‘seriously dating’ through to their engagement and wedding. What really impressed her was his culinary skills. He was a natural in the kitchen and could whip up a full meal with almost no notice and without going to the store.

Danny and Kevyn had met in high school and kept their growing relationship a secret from their friends and family; they had grown up together and had grown into each other. They had been together since they were 17 and now at 29, they had slipped into the comforts of a long-term loving relationship that gave many people a tinge of jealousy.

Jackie hadn’t had Danny’s luck and had a long history of bad dates and failed relationships. For a while, it was so bad that Jackie wouldn’t meet a guy unless Danny was there. Danny had a knack for weeding out the bad men and after many rejections, she met Jason.

Jackie stood across the kitchen and looked at Danny and noted with a bit of envy that he had aged very well. Aside from about 20 pounds more muscle and the beginnings of a couple of laugh lines around his mouth, he looked just like he had in college. Jackie would never say it in front of him, but she ‘knew’ that his fountain of youth was found in Kevyn’s pants.

Danny was thinking similar thoughts about Jackie and how she hadn’t aged all that well. Years of bad dating and living off fast food had taken it’s toll. She had managed to work off the extra belly but as he liked to point out, gravity was not her friend. She tended to avoid Danny’s meals as they were “too fancy” for her taste.

In spite of it all, Danny and Jackie were as close to each other as they were to their husbands. For the last five years, the four of them had lived a few doors down from each other. Married on the same day in a double wedding, they had talked about moving into a house together, but realized it wasn’t the best way to start their new lives.

Danny turned from what he was doing and smiled at Jackie. “Well darlin, I should go see what Jason and Kevyn are up to out there. The football game is on but they’ve been fairly quiet and I need to send Kevyn to the store for the buttah.” Danny said as he turned and headed towards the swinging door that separated the living room from the dining room.

—– —– —– —– —–

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