The Secret Sanctuary – Part 10

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“I thought so at one time, now I’m not so  sure.” Pete said as he pushed his plate to the edge of the table.

Liz smiled, “So you just shut down your sexual self?”

“Yeah, I mean, I’d messed around and stuff but it just didn’t feel right.  I think it’s because I was trying to hard with the girls and I just didn’t enjoy it.  It didn’t feel right, so I just gave up on it.” Pete said with a shrug, “Just seems like sex is over-rated.”

Liz choked on her coffee and sent it spraying all over Pete.

“Sex is most certainly not overrated!” Liz said between coughs, “I mean, it can get all sloppy, wet, and weird, but it is not overrated.”

“I wouldn’t know it’s been like ten years since I did anything with anybody. I don’t remember it being sloppy or wet, but it was weird.” Pete puzzled out loud. “Maybe it’s just been too long.”

“If it’s been more than ten minutes, it’s been too long!” Liz laughed. “Everyone has the same needs and urges.”

“I don’t really. Well, I didn’t. Chris brought all that stuff back up to the surface.  I didn’t realize it until he was standing there wrapped up in the sheet.  He was just so attractive and vulnerable.”

“And that’s why there are ethical issues with all of this. Chris is a client and he’s depending on your work to be professional and nothing more.” Liz chided.

“I know Liz, I know. I was completely blindsided by all of it. There’s more to it but I really shouldn’t talk about it.”

Liz’s eyes narrowed into an inquisitive stare.

“Go on Pete.” Liz taunted.

“Well, Chris told me that I got him all worked up and between the arousal and me working on him.  He got off and that’s why we had to stop in the middle for him to clean up and when I came out to get water from you at the desk.” Pete gushed embarrassedly.

Liz couldn’t hold back a laugh, “Well, we know he’s just that into you then.”

“I guess so. I just don’t know how to approach him or even what a date is supposed
to be like. I know I don’t want to have sex with him right away.”
Pete volunteered before he realized what he had said.

“So Pete, should I take it that you like men or women or both?” Liz prodded.

“Nothing personal Liz, but men. It’s always been something in the back of my mind but
I never really let myself think about it. Even now, it makes my stomach churn thinking about it.  I might be wrong and I might really be wired for women, I don’t know.”

“No offense taken Pete. It’d be super awkward getting all frisky dingo with you anyway.” Liz said curling up her mouth in disgust.

“Oh Liz, you don’t mean that.”

“I do Pete but it’s not so much that it’d be disgusting, it’s just it’s you. I’ve known you for too long and it would just mess up a lot of stuff.  Besides, I have plenty of boy toys as it is.” Liz said salaciously.

Pete tried his best to keep his ‘good boy’ image but failed, “I’m sure you do Liz.  I might have to shop around.”

“I dunno Pete, you seem to have Chris’ attention. Go out with him once and see how
things go. At worst, you find that he’s not interesting to you and that’s that.”

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The Secret Sanctuary – Part 9


As Liz walked out the door and locked up behind them, she thought to herself “Man,
Pete is a total novice to dating. This could be a disaster.”

Can I get a chance to talk to him…..BINGO!  I’ll just follow up with him as a post-visit courtesy call. 

Liz congratulated herself on her quick thinking.

Now, where should we eat?

They got into Liz’s car and she headed off to Sabor Brasileiro, a new Brazilian restaurant that had opened across town. She hadn’t checked to see if they were open during the day or just evenings but they’d burn that bridge when they came to it.  “I’m
not in any mood for any more bullshit today
!Liz muttered out loud.

Traffic wasn’t terrible but Liz wasn’t in the best head space.  She kept thinking about her headache which was only making it worse. “Damnit, this better not be the beginning of a migraine.”

MeanwhilePete had been sitting quietly in the passenger seat, oblivious to Liz’s stewing. He was lost in his own thoughts of Chris.  It’d only been a few hours but yet his head was swimming. He’d never thought of any one the way he was thinking of Chris.  His smell, his attitude, even the fact that he was eyeing…

Pete’s thoughts were interrupted as Liz slammed on the brakes.

Liz already had the window down and was yelling at the person who had cut her off.

“You stupid sonuvabitch!  Watch where the fuck you are going!” Liz
screamed out the window.

Pete slid down in the seat a bit, not wanting to be associated with Liz’s outburst.  As he slid down, he found himself laughing involuntarily at the sheer absurdity that today had brought.  Chris had completely set his world spinning and Liz was acting her stereotypical lesbian self.  The only thing Liz was missing to complete the lesbian
stereotype was a love of other women.

“You know Liz, maybe we should set you up with a couple of women.” Pete said with a smirk and before he could finish, Liz had already reached over and slapped him.

“I’m not a fucking dyke! I love COCK. I love the cock as much as you do.
LONG THICK THROBBING COCK!” Liz yelled while making lewd gestures.

And as suddenly as it had all started, both of them were laughing
hysterically while still stopped in the middle of the street.

It wasn’t until the car behind them honked that they tried to pull themselves back together and head off to where ever Liz was taking them.

As Liz took off, Pete turned and looked at her, “You know I can’t say that I’ve never been attracted to any one before, I might have but just didn’t recognize it. I mean, when, you know that your romantic interests are towards the same sex…”

“You keep it close.” Liz said quietly, “Though, you know, I don’t think either of us realized just how much stress the whole mess with Kate was putting on us under.”

“Yeah, now that she’s been arrested, that’s a big relief.  Now it’s all the court dates and lawyer drama.”

“Pete, that’s all you.” Liz said, “Well, except for the needing a receptionist and another therapist or two.  I mean we are growing but this is a set back.”

“Yeah, it is Liz.  However, I think it’ll help us grow. We can actually get proper accounting and not be overpaying employees who are undercharging.”

Liz nodded silently and turned the car into the parking lot of the restaurant.

Pete looked up and asked quizzically “Sabor Brasileiro?”

“It’s supposed to be an amazing all-you-can-eat Brazilian steak house.  The meat is brought around to the table on carts and they slice off what you want by the table.” Liz explained as she started getting out of the car.

“Sounds delicious, let’s eat!  Though first, I do need to scrub my hands with soap and water.  I feel like I still have table wipe residue on my hands.” Pete said with a smile.

Liz looked over with a smirk, “Well, if it’s Chris, you could always
just licks your fingers clean.”

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The Secret Sanctuary – Part 8

I might have been calm and polite with Chris but my mind was spinning like slot machine reels.  I saw him out to the front desk to pay for the session and schedule any follow up he wanted.  I didn’t think he’d need more than 2-3 more sports injury type sessions but if he worked on a farm when he wasn’t at school then all bets are off.

I headed back to the office and put on a fresh pot of coffee.  I need any coffee, in fact,
I should have been avoiding it as agitated as I was.

“Oh well.” I thought to myself as I waited for the coffee to brew.  As I waited, I heard the front door alarm relay click and assumed that Chris had left.  I waited a bit longer then stole a cup of coffee from the decanter while it was still brewing.  A quick two shots of cream and I was ready for a boring afternoon at the front desk.

I walked up the hallway and nearly ran into Liz as she was headed back to the office.

“You okay Pete?” she asked concerned, “You’re never this out of it.”

“I’ll be fine Liz, it’s just a stressful day.  Between the session with Chris and the whole mess with Kate, I just want the day to be done.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about Kate.  Cloverdale’s finest arrested her about
thirty minutes ago and they called the front desk to let you know.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, “They were told to never call the shop directly
but to call my cell phone.  Oh well, if she’s been taken in then there’s nothing more to worry about there.  My lawyer will be representing the shop in court, I shouldn’t have to be there unless Kate’s lawyer calls me in to testify.”

Liz let out a sigh, “Thank God that’s over.  What a week it’s been.”

“Tell me about it Liz. I’m going to but on some mood music up front and maybe some
essential oils simmering. I need to make a couple of personal calls while I’m at the desk.” I said quietly while Liz gave me ‘the look’.

“I know Liz, no personal calls at the shop.  This is important.  It has to do with

Liz’s eyebrows shot up, “You aren’t calling him are you?  I mean, he’s a guy
and all but…”

“Liz! It’s not like that!” I barked. “Actually, it’s related to that but it’s not like that but I don’t want to talk ‘bout it.”

Liz scrunched up her face knowing that I was hiding something.

“Fine Liz.  If you really have to know, I don’t know who/what I am.  I’m not really
interested in anyone sexually and never really have been.  But there was something about Chris that caught my interest.  I don’t know what it was, if it was his bravado during the session or his swagger when he walked in.”

Liz just looked at me and for once, she was speechless.

“Pete, you mean, you’re asexual?” she asked after a long pause.

“If that’s what you call it. I’ve never really felt attracted to anyone.  There have been a couple of times that I felt closer to people than usual but I’ve never wanted to have sexual relations with anyone. Well, that was until today.” I explained, which made me feel better and worse all at the same time.

“Oh. Well, that explains why Kate and I could never set you up on a date.” Liz said with a laugh.

“Yeah. You guys did set me up with some really nice girls and I think you even tried setting me up with a couple of guys too.”

Liz let out a laugh that was partially a snort, “Yeah, we did.  We didn’t know and we were just trying to help you out.”

“I know Liz. Random question: did you lock the front door and put the lunch sign up?”

“Yeah.  Why?” she asked quizzically.

“Fuck it, set it for a return in one hour and put a note that we apologize.  We’re going to get lunch. I’m going to grab my jacket while you get the
front door ready. If I remember, we didn’t have anyone booked until

“Right.  So, where did you want to go for lunch?” Liz said as she headed up front.

“Uhm, good question. Not the Daily Drip if possible.  I’m not sure what else
we can get in and out of in an hour.” I shouted up the hallway.

“Okay, I’ll surprise you then.” came Liz’s answer.

“Preferably some place that doesn’t have moody saxophone music playing.  Chris
seemed like he was eyeing me up like Bill Clinton interviewing interns.” I said with a laugh.

“Well, you know, we could redo the office to give you an Oral Office.” Liz said with
a shit-eating smile.

“Yeah, yeah. Funny Liz.” I said with a laugh.

“Pete, smile. It’s pretty clear there’s some interest there. If it’s real, you go on a date or two and if things work out, you drop him as a client. If it was all a mis-understanding, then you can keep him as a client and have a good laugh about it.” Liz said reassuringly and finished just as my stomach growled loudly, “C’mon Pete, let’s get

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The Secret Sanctuary – Part 7



I picked up the sheet and told Chris to roll over on to his back.

“Uhm, Pete.  I can’t, well, I can but I don’t want to roll over.”

“Chris, I can’t work on the other side if you don’t roll over.”

“Pete. I know. I … uh … I swear it was an accident!” Chris gushed suddenly.

“What was an accident?  Did something happen with the table?” I asked confused.

“Kinda.” he said as he  buried his head in the headrest, “What you did felt so good and
relaxing.  I got aroused and with the motion of massage, I made…” Chris trailed off sheepishly.

“Oh, okay.  It happens occasionally.  It’s easily fixed.  If you would keep the sheet wrapped around you, stand up and I’ll put fresh linen on the table.  I’ll put a clean sheet on the table as well.  I’ll step out for a few minutes to give you time to clean up and get back on the table.” I said calmly.

Wow.  I’ve not had that happen with a client.  I’ve heard about it, we learned about it, but that’s a first for me.

I helped Chris to stand up and quickly donned a pair of gloves and scooped up the soiled linens. I grabbed the cleaning wipes and made quick work of the table. While it dried, I grabbed fresh linens from the cabinet and made the bed. While I did that, Chris had sat down on the stool next to the desk.

“Chris, the bed is ready.  Give me a minute and I’ll grab a couple of warm hand towels for you to use to clean up.  When you are done, just put them in the bin in the corner.  I’ll be right back.”

I ducked out of the room and grabbed a couple of warm towels from the utility room.  I looked and saw that we still had some facial wipes from an early experiment with doing spa treatments.

“Perfect!” I said out loud as a grabbed a couple.

I returned to the room and knocked.

“Come in Pete.”

I stepped in and put the two warm towels and the cleansing wipes on the

“I’m going to step back out for about five minutes to give you time to clean up. You can put the wipes in the regular trash.” I said firmly but politely, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I smiled then stepped back out of the room.

I wandered back up to the desk.

“Liz, do we have any Bailey’s or Kahlua in the break room still?”

“Pete?” Liz squeaked.

“Yes Liz.  I know I should be in with my client.  There was an issue and I’ll be back in there in a few minutes.”

Liz’s eyebrow shot up and a smirk shot across her face, “An issue?”

“Yes. Apparently, my client is a bit hair-triggered.”

Liz bit her lip to keep from laughing out loud.  After a moment, she was able to compose herself to ask, “So that really does happen?!”

“Apparently it does.  After the ordeal with this, I’m wanting a nice hot cup of
coffee with a shot or two of Baileys.  I’ll settle for Kahlua.”

“We have both in my desk.” Liz said with a salacious look.

“I owe you two for today now.  As soon as I can clear this session, I’ll take the desk.  Lunch is on me, so keep that in mind.”

“Oooh, hey big spender…” Liz said and then trailed off.

“Yeah yeah yeah.  I stuffed you on the desk today because there’s no one else. Can you look at the master schedule for next week and start working on aligning schedules?  I’m going to have to hire a receptionist and try to find another therapist or two.”

Liz nodded and gave the slightest nod back towards our treatment rooms.

“Yes Liz.  I’ll go now.”

I turned and headed back to the room where Chris was, I stopped just short of the door and heard the sound of the table squeaking just a bit as Chris laid back down.  I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in Pete!” Chris called.

I stepped in and Chris was comfortable on the bed and there was no outward sign of the interruption to the session.

“Are you ready for the remainder of the session?” I asked while being fully aware that he could want to cancel the last half.

“Yeah, I’m ready Pete.  I do want to tell you something first.  It shouldn’t matter but in this case it does.” Chris stammered, “Part of the reason I had problems with the first part of the session,” Chris paused for a moment, “Nevermind Pete. It’s my problem.”

“Chris, if it’s affecting your ability to relax and getting the most out of this session, then it’s something I need to know.  I can do what I can to make it better for you.” I offered.

“I don’t think you can help in this case.  I know that you are a professional and all that, but I think you are beautiful.  While you were working on me, my mind wandered a bit too far.” Chris confessed.

“Oh! Well, professionally I can’t get involved with my clients. It’s an ethical issue.  If I wanted to date a client, I’d have to drop them as a client and per the professional guidance, wait six months.” I said politely.


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The Secret Sanctuary – Part 6


(Author note: I just caught a couple of name flips at the end and edited this to fix it.  I don’t know why but I keep wanting to flip the names Chris and Pete in this story. – Johayan)

Half way through the session, I was getting tired but I was also very glad that Kate hadn’t gotten him.  Chris was too young to be as knotted up and tense as he was today.

Knowing the hamstring was a problem, I changed up my usual routine and started with Chris face down on the table.  There were a couple of times I thought I heard a couple of light snores but given how tense he was, I didn’t think he’d actually fallen to sleep.

As I finished up with his feet, I quietly said “Chris?”.

“Yeah?” came the muffled reply.

“You weren’t kidding about that hamstring.  You did a pretty good job on messing
it up.  I didn’t see any athletics mentioned in your information, do you play football for State?”

“No but I do play rugby for the Cloverdale Flying Carp.”

The lightbulb went on in my head.  Okay, we know the source of the hamstring injury.
It doesn’t explain why he’s here and not being treated by the team doctor or trainer.

“Got it.” I stepped away from the table for a moment and quickly jotted a note about playing rugby.

“So Chris, if you would flex your left leg and tell me how that hamstring is feeling now that I’ve had a chance to work on it.” I said as I walked back over to the table and lightly placed my hands over his hamstring.

He flexed and still seemed to be ‘guarding’ it as he flexed.

“Still bothering you?” I asked.

“Not really, I just have gotten used to it hurting and not having good motion with it.” Chris said with a hint of relief in his voice.

“Good! May I try a couple of small movements to see how the motion is now?”

“Yeah, Pete, go ahead.”

I brought his leg up, holding his ankle and keeping my other hand on his hamstring.  I was able to smoothly bring his heel up to about an inch from his buttocks.  Great progress even for a first session. The real test will be when he is standing and tries to walk.

“Okay Chris, I want you to relax for a couple of minutes.  I’m going to step out of the room and get a drink of water then come back.”

“Sounds good Pete.”

I made a mental note that since I had stopped working on him, Chris hadn’t moved.  Not even a nose scratch or a stretch of any kind. Either he’s really relaxed or he’s afraid to move.

I walked out to the front desk and told Liz that no matter how long Chris took, I was only billing for a 2 hour per what he had agreed to when he came in.

Liz gave me that look of disgust and I explained that he had a fairly
serious hamstring injury and I’d lost track of time.

“It’s a really good thing he didn’t get Kate.  I don’t know that she’d have been able to get deep enough to break up the knots in his hamstring.  He came in dragging his left leg from it.”

“Ouch. Yeah, from Kate’s notes, he’d have gotten a light touch and some pan flute music as a ‘session’.” Liz said with her trademark smirk.

“I know.  Can you hand me a bottle of water from the mini-fridge.  I’m warm and dehydrated from working on Chris.” I said with a smile.

“Sure thing.  Oh, FYI, Kate called out for the afternoon with ‘car problems’.” Liz said sullenly.

“Okay, I’ll make sure the police know to go to her house to serve the warrant then.  The charges are filed but the warrant was to be served today which is how she was to be arrested here.  Just makes it a bit more complicated but it’s done.  If she really had car problems and a cop stops to help, she’ll be arrested then.” I said with a bit
of a smile, “I do need to get back to Chris.  If you want, take a break for 15 and run down to the Daily Drip.  Save your receipt and I’ll reimburse you.  Put up the back in 15 minutes sign and lock the door.”

Liz smiled, “Deal.  I hate just sitting here staring at the fish tank.” she laughed as she handed me a bottle of water.

“Thanks Liz!” I said as I headed back to finish working on Chris.

I was about to knock on the door when I did hear light snoring coming
from the room.

Yeah, he was that tired.  I don’t want to wake him up but I do have half a session to

I knocked on the door a bit louder than I normally would, but it was just Liz and I in the office, so I knew I wouldn’t be disturbing any one else.

“Oh uhm, yeah, come in.” came the groggy voice from the other side of
the door.

I opened the door and Chris was looking up from the headrest sheepishly, “Sorry Pete.  I’ll admit, I didn’t sleep well last night as I was really anxious about the appointment today.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.”

“It’s okay Chris.” I said between drinks of water. “Give me a second and
I’ll have you roll over and we’ll finish up today’s session.”

I finished off the bottle of water and looked at the small timer embedded in the desk.  “1:17:33” and counting up.  I’d already gone through an hour and fifteen minutes of the session.  I should have 30 minutes left but I wasn’t going to let Chris go half-done on a first session.

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The Secret Sanctuary – Part 5



The mysterious Chris appointment started my day at 9am, then lunch at 11:30, then covering the desk for the afternoon.  Not a bad day until 4:30pm when I had to
deal with Kate getting arrested for the massive fraud she had been committing for the two years.

The criminal charges had already been filed and mountains of paperwork sent via courier to my lawyer as supporting evidence.

I looked at the clock on the desk and saw it was already 8:15.  With a client at 9, I
realized I should find some breakfast and get ready for the day.

I closed up my computer and snuck out the front door, locking it behind me. We were
pretty well placed in a small strip mall that housed a 24 hour cafe and coffee shop, a metaphysical store, and a marijuana dispensary. It was an eclectic crowd that frequented the area but that served our business well as we appealed to the more new-age types anyway.

I quickly made my way down to the Daily Drip for some real coffee and a sausage, egg,
and cheese on a toasted baguette.  It sounds odd but it’s really good, I promise!  I saw my usual corner table was taken so I settled in at the coffee bar.

Thirty minutes flew by and I was interrupted by the reminder on my phone to open the
front doors. I finished the last of my coffee and wasted no time in getting back down to the shop to open the doors.

As I approached the doors, I saw activity in the parking lot.  It was Pete getting out of his car and heading towards the doors.

Give him credit for being punctual.” I thought to myself.

As I unlocked the doors, I heard footsteps on the concrete behind me.
There was a distinct scuffing sound with every other footfall.

I walked in and saw Liz at the desk.

“Sorry Liz, was down at the Drip and ran a couple of minutes late.”

Liz shot me a smile but her eyes were nothing but daggers.  She
immediately switched back to professional mode and greeted Chris.

I took the opportunity to head back to the office and hang up my coat and take off my hoodie. I saw that Liz had made coffee but knowing it was Liz’s coffee, I didn’t take a cup. She loves her coffee and she loves it like her soul, dark and bitter. Finally, I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure my shirt was lined up and the collar was flipped down.  I put on my name tag and almost got out the door before I realized it was upside down.

Yeah, it’s just that kind of a day.” I thought to myself as I flipped it over.  I stepped out of the office to see Liz guiding Chris into room 5.

Liz finished the room speech as I heard her telling him to get as undressed as he was comfortable then to lay down on the table under the sheet then she shut the door.  She looked down the hall and pointed at her left leg and gave me a look of confusion and concern.

I walked up to the door and paused for a moment, grabbing his chart and reviewing the intake sheet before knocking on the door.

After a moment, I knocked on the door and asked if I could enter.

“C’mon in Pete.” came the voice from the other side of the door.

I opened the door and stepped in to find Pete standing naked beside the

“I…uh…I’ll just step back out.” I stammered.

“It’s fine Pete, I was just about to get under the sheet.” Chris said and awkwardly got up on the table and pulled the sheet over himself.

“Okay.”  I said with a chuckle as I sat down his chart on the small work desk.

“I heard you dragging a foot when you came in this morning.  The hamstring still bothering you?” I asked getting the session started.

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The Secret Sanctuary – Part 4


[Note: Sorry for the short flash, the hubby has been under the weather for the last few days and I’ve been taking care of him  I should be back to “full size” posts next week – Johayan]

It wasn’t that I forgot about the appointment with Chris this morning as much as I
just didn’t remember.

The last few days had been non-stop drama with lots of information faxed over to my
attorney preparing the lawsuit against Kate, preparing to fire her at the end of the day Friday, then having the security company come in and change all the locks and security codes.

It wasn’t until I got into the office and looked at the schedule for the day I remember
the appointment with Chris that I had moved and shuffled Liz’s schedule around to make work.  I saw it was a 9am appointment and I had moved Liz to cover the front desk. I saw the angry red face attached as a note next to the desk shift and knew Liz was going to
be coming in hot this morning.

I started a pot of strong coffee, french roast hazelnut and I made sure we had a mostly
full container of half and half in the fridge ready for her.  If I was going to bear the brunt of Liz’s anger this morning, I was going to do all I could to try to temper it.

I was vaguely curious about Chris and his desire for a male therapist. Normally,
men ask for women and women ask for women. Male therapists don’t get a lot of clients.  It’s one of the reasons that I was usually working the front desk. Yes, I was the practice manager but I also didn’t get a lot of clients.

Many are called but few are chosen. I muttered to myself.  I had heard it often enough when Kate, Liz, and I had gone through school, I was one of four male therapists among the eighty-plus females in the program.  Sadly, that same phrase seemed to sum up my personal life as well. Twenty-seven and still single. Way to go Pete!

I was saved from a pity party by Kate’s arrival. I had to quickly pull myself together to keep from letting out a groan as she arrived. Just get through the day… I thought to myself.

I wasn’t looking forward to cutting Kate out of the practice but after finding rampant falsification of records and that falsification costing the practice over $25,000…we really didn’t have a choice but to let her go and to remove her from the practice.  I wasn’t looking forward to the lawyers and just how unpleasant it would all get.

I had Liz know everything I had found and between my adjusting her schedule and laying out all the details of what Kate had been doing, Liz’s mood was between angry mother bear and Satan.

My phone chirped and saw it was a text from Liz – “What time
is this happening?”

I quickly typed out “5pm – end of day.” and sent it.

The one thing I hadn’t let Liz on was the fact that at 5pm, Kate was going to be
arrested and taken in based on the evidence I’d been able to present.  I was also working to have her severance package, well, her buyout nullified due to the amount of money she had already stolen.

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