The Secret Sanctuary – Part 10

(Oof.  I forgot about this yesterday morning and it’s been crazy at work until about an hour ago.  Sorry everyone! Don’t worry, next week will be a lot more …fun! *wink*) “I thought so at one time, now I’m not so  sure.” Pete said as he pushed his plate to the edge of the table. […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 9

  As Liz walked out the door and locked up behind them, she thought to herself “Man, Pete is a total novice to dating. This could be a disaster.” Can I get a chance to talk to him…..BINGO!  I’ll just follow up with him as a post-visit courtesy call.  Liz congratulated herself on her quick thinking. Now, where […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 8

I might have been calm and polite with Chris but my mind was spinning like slot machine reels.  I saw him out to the front desk to pay for the session and schedule any follow up he wanted.  I didn’t think he’d need more than 2-3 more sports injury type sessions but if he worked on a farm when […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 7

  I picked up the sheet and told Chris to roll over on to his back. “Uhm, Pete.  I can’t, well, I can but I don’t want to roll over.” “Chris, I can’t work on the other side if you don’t roll over.” “Pete. I know. I … uh … I swear it was an accident!” Chris gushed […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 5

  The mysterious Chris appointment started my day at 9am, then lunch at 11:30, then covering the desk for the afternoon.  Not a bad day until 4:30pm when I had to deal with Kate getting arrested for the massive fraud she had been committing for the two years. The criminal charges had already been filed and mountains of […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 4

[Note: Sorry for the short flash, the hubby has been under the weather for the last few days and I’ve been taking care of him  I should be back to “full size” posts next week – Johayan] It wasn’t that I forgot about the appointment with Chris this morning as much as I just didn’t remember. […]