The Secret Sanctuary – Part 3

I heard Liz and her client’s footsteps disappear into the back and the door close to Liz’s workspace. I took a sip of coffee and through about the previous two years since we had graduated and opened the shop.  We weren’t millionaires but we weren’t scraping for cash either. We’d had very few complaints, no particularly difficult customers that […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 2

I sat down and started reviewing the notes on my new mystery client. Normally, the person who has the initial contact with the new customer takes them.  In this case, it was Kate. As I paged through the records, I saw nothing but standard massage appointments. Nothing labeled as deep tissue or any advanced treatment modalities.  Actually, it looked […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 1

I looked at my schedule for the week.  Busy but not overbooked, the schedule looked to be filled with regulars.  One good thing about being a massage therapist, if you’re good, you quickly develop a steady client base. A week of regulars meant that I’d really not have much unexpected work come in and that meant steady money.  I […]