To Be Determined – Part 22

See the end of this post for other writers posting this week… Three weeks had passed since Shawn’s head injury and seemed to be fully recovered except for the memory gap around the time of his fall.  He still couldn’t remember from just after he’d met Patty and Caleb to waking up in the hospital after the […]

To Be Determined – Part 21

Caleb was quickly returned to the here and now as Shawn reached out to him and motioned him to sit down. As he sat down, his emotions kept swirling. He was overjoyed that things seemed to be going so well for Shawn and see Bryan so happy, yet he was also torn in his love […]

To Be Determined – Part 20

(Author Note: I’ll be going back and cleaning up the previous posts in this series.  Part 12 is especially bad as I flipped names around.) Caleb walked into Shawn’s room to find Shawn slowly waking up and the doctor trying to explain to Shawn what was happening.  Shawn wasn’t fully understanding which didn’t surprise the […]

To Be Determined – Part 19

The phone ringing again woke Bryan from the bath.  He’d managed to rig up the drain to let out the same amount of water as was running into the tub, in essence, creating an endless hot tub. He stood up out of the still running water and stumbled out towards his phone. “This is Bryan.” […]

To Be Determined – Part 18

  Shawn was scheduled to be in surgery for several hours and other than the hourly status updates, there wasn’t a reason for them to stay at the hospital.  Caleb and Bryan were both exhausted both physically and mentally. After asking the information desk, they found there was a decent hotel just down the street. […]

To Be Determined – Part 17

The dispatcher was right.  By the time they got to Ames, the roads were wet but cleared. The snowplow driver lifted his blade and got up to highway speed with Caleb hitting the gas right behind him. The deputy pulled along side them and took off, Caleb got the message and followed right behind him.  The last […]

To Be Determined – Part 16

The plow had been a god-send for the trip, but even with the plow’s assistance, they were having difficulty. Caleb was starting to get highway hypnosis from following the back end of the plow and the constant swirl of snow. Brian was doing his best to keep Caleb on the road, but it was obvious […]