Ahhh….to be writing again

It is a wonderful feeling when something you’d written years ago pushes itself back up to the front of your mind and demands to be retold.

I’m currently working through a re-write of a character autobiography from a Werewolf: The Apocalype LARP character who died too soon due to his own stupidity.

I put a lot into his “history” and there’s a part of me that is in that story and wants to get out and be heard.

Add to that, NaNoWrimo 2017 is what, a week away, and I’ve got an idea for it too.  Granted, it’ll be pure smut told as a collection of short stories but I think a change of pace will be good for my creativity.

Writing update

Sorry for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been battling a medical issue that got rather involved including me missing several days of work and losing a lot more days to the painkillers.

I’m on the mend now and will be posting this week and might even get in a couple of short storylets too.  My creativity is coming back and I’ve been itching to really write again.

I’m finding that I can’t figure out how to create “pages” based on categories to make it easier for you, the readers, to read my stories.