Tales of The Cabin – Part 13

I woke up and realized that the sun was up. It didn’t matter as all I could do was think about puking. I’d not been this hung over since college. I thought about getting up to stumble to the bathroom. I stopped, frozen in the realization that there was an arm over me from behind […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 12

It has been quiet through the winter months.  Too quiet really. I guess I should have expected that as we didn’t have the underground tunnel system yet and it has been a particularly bitter winter standards even by northern Minnesota standards. I paused writing my diary entry and looked over at the digital thermometer by […]

Update: Missing in Action

Sorry for the gap again in Tales of the Cabin and my writing in general. I spent the week after Thanksgiving in the hospital, got out, then promptly got a cold which wiped me out for another week.  Right as the cold started, I had a procedure done that has helped immensely and I should […]

No Flash this week

Sorry to disappoint.  I’m in the hospital for a while as my left leg has gone numb and I’m unable to walk or put any weight on it. I’m hoping to be back next week with a new flash entry in “Tales of the Cabin” Thank you all for understanding!

Tales of the Cabin – Part 11

  Aaron, Andy, and Shawn had arrived and had talked to Steven.  He had gotten a thumbs up from all three so I had extended an invitation to move in.  I showed him the lots we currently had available for purchase and gave him the covenant that spelled out the rules, rights, and responsibilities of […]