Tales of the Cabin – Part 8


I had to laugh at myself when I realized just how long it had been since I’d actually worn clothes.  It had been almost three months which is when I had gotten Shane’s moved up.

September had flown by and I wasn’t ready for winter yet.  The one downside to a nudist colony this far north, the “clothed” season was far too long.  The mornings were already getting a bit chilly and so putting on clothes wasn’t as bad.  The biggest thing I had to think about this month was the meeting with Steve Schmidgall as a potential resident and what I was going to wear for Halloween.

My morning coffee was interrupted shortly after sunrise as my phone rang.  I looked at my watch ‘5:25’ and I let out an involuntary groan.  Who the hell is calling me this early?

I looked at the caller ID and saw ‘S Schmidgall’.

I summoned up as much “peppy” as I could muster and answered the phone. The smooth baritone voice that came down the line caught me off guard.

It was Steve already on the road.  According to his directions, he’d be up there in about two and a half hours.

What time was he up, and on the road, to be here that quickly?  From the metro to here was six hours with good weather.

Whatever time it was, I had two hours to clean the house and make sure the lodge was still as clean as it had been yesterday.  I downed the rest of my coffee and got to work on the house.  It was quick work but still I wanted it to look its best.  It was the downside to being the owner and manager of the community, my home was the show home.

Sunrise saw me making my way over to the lodge.  I’d poured coffee into a travel mug and was being lazy, taking one of the golf carts we had for deliveries and mail runs.  I was just about to open up the lodge when Aaron walked out drenched in sweat and Andy was sheepishly following him, in the same condition but turning bright red.

“Morning boys, the lodge still cleaned up?  We have a potential resident that’ll be here in about an hour.”

Aaron shot me a look but confirmed that the lodge was still clean.  I believed him but I still made a mental note to double check the pool, hot tub, and sauna, just in case.

Aaron pushed by me and Andy followed with a puzzled look and a shrug.  Either Andy was clueless or he didn’t understand why Aaron was still angry with me. An issue for another time, Steve will be here in about an hour.

I made quick work of the lodge as Aaron and Andy had done an excellent job of cleaning up and not leaving any evidence of their late-night escapade.

Satisfied that the key areas of the tour were ready, I thought about taking a morning jog along the trail that circled the houses and the smallest of the three lakes on the property.  Once we incorporated, we’d need to re-name those lakes as well.

Just as I took off in a jog, my cellphone rang.  I tapped my headset and it was Steve.  He was at the gate but had apparently written down the access code I’d set up for him incorrectly.  I remembered the number I’d assigned to him and repeated to him.  As I gave him the last number, I heard the thump and then the gears opening the gates.  I told him to follow the road to its end, where there was a parking lot and I’d meet him there.

I hadn’t been nervous up until this point.  I’d always thought about having new residents move in and that word of mouth would get us to grow.  Even if it was mostly warm season residents, they would still be income.

Well, since I can’t get my morning jog to the lake and back in this morning, might as well jog out to the parking lot.  I was shocked when I got jogged out of the woods and into the clearing where the parking lot was and saw a large well-built man standing naked next to his car.

That same smooth baritone voice called out, “You must be Vince!” and he took off towards me at a trot.  He made about two thirds of the distance to me before I realized that I had stopped and was staring at him.  6’6” and about 250lbs with strong Nordic face along with a shaved head and a braided goatee that made him into an imposing figure.

Steve trotted up and shook my hand with enough force to actually lift up my right side.

He seemed to sense my sudden profound dis-ease and asked “Do I need a costume or something?  I thought it would be a bit too early for that.  Halloween is still weeks away.”

I let out a small laugh, “Well, are you a good witch or a bad witch?” I asked meekly.

“Well, if you ask my ex-husband, he’d tell you that I’m a bad bitch.” he sighed.

He’s gay?! Okay, I can relax now.

“No worries about that.  Let’s get going.  With any luck, we’ll time this right for the Friday grill out lunch.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We took off down the path, Steve dwarfing me and yet, I lost my worries about him as we walked and talked.

He had been divorced for a couple of years and decided that now was a good time to retire and disappear for a while.

I asked him what he had done for work and you could have pushed me over with a feather when he told me that he was a former pro hockey player.

“You mean, like IHSL?” I asked not willing to believe there was a top level gay athlete standing beside me.

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Tales of the Cabin – Part 7


The summer had gone smoothly and fall was quickly making its presence known.  The days were starting to become noticeably shorter. The frost had come early and the trees across the property were ablaze in yellows and oranges with the sumacs providing pockets of fiery red.

Word had been getting out about the ‘colony’ has it had been called and we’d had a couple of phone interviews with newspapers.  They’d used stock footage of the front entrance for their stories.  We had two other unmarked entrances that had security farther in from the road.  You weren’t going to get a ‘free show’ unless you were trespassing far into our property.

I’d not talked to Aaron or Andy much since Aaron had caught me screwing Andy’s brains out over the kitchen counter but with all the interest in the colony, I’d not really had time to be all that social.

There hadn’t been any major issues so far. I’d paid our taxes to the county and started the incorporation process to make our colony into a full-fledged city.  I would sell the entire complex to a holding corporation and then the corporation would sell the cabins and a section of land to each member of the colony.  It would be a bit complicated at first but it would allow us to control who moved into the town and such.  We would contract public safety to the county for a set price.  For the most part, I was allowing my lawyers handle all of that.

It had been going well, until the day my lawyer called me and told me I needed to meet up with him face to face.

“Mr. Ramhart, it’s Kevan.  We need to meet up as soon as possible.” He said as soon as I picked up the phone.

My stomach sank, “What’s going on? Problems with incorporation?”

“No, actually, we have a request to meet with you but it would be under an non-disclosure agreement.  Someone wants to move up there but wants to remain as anonymous as possible.” Kevan said as my eyebrows arched up.

“Interesting, I can’t guarantee their anonymity in town but we can certainly keep him anonymous to the outside.  We’re petitioning for our own address out here.  The local post office seems more than happy to do that and hold our mail versus having to drive out 11 miles to sit and sort mail into the mailboxes for two hours.”

“Yes, I know.  I just wanted to let you know.  How soon would you be available to meet this person?”

“How soon can you have the NDA faxed up to me?  I can be down in the metro in five hours.”

“Well, they were wanting to meet you there.”

“Okay, you’ve got my attention now.  What do you know?” I said as I heard my fax machine answer. “Wow, you weren’t kidding.”

“No, I was not. The potential resident is quite willing to pay for his land and home building as well as any pressing community needs.” Kevan added as I read through the agreement.  I signed it and faxed it back.

A couple of minutes later, I heard a knock come over the phone.  A baritone voice said “A fax for you sir” as papers were shuffled.

“Perfect, thank you Mr. Ramhart.” Kevan said, “So…”

I cut him off, “Call me Vince already.  Sheesh.” I said drily.

“Sorry Vince.  So, your prospective new resident is a Mr. Steve Schmidgall.  I’ve already run a background check on him and he’s about as boring as you can get in that regard.”

“Kevan, why does that name sound familiar? Seems like I’d heard of him a year or two ago.”

“Vince, I think everyone heard about him.  He was a professional ice hockey player who came out at the height of his career.  League All-Star and everything.”

“Is he gay?  I mean, I don’t care but most of the people are here are and if he’d gonna be uncomfortable…”

“He’s gay, got divorced last year from his husband and finished out his playing contract. He’s looking to retire and disappear for a few years.”

I was satisfied with thing so far, so I told him to send up Mr. Schmidgall at his convenience and to give him a gate code which I then gave to him.

With that out of the way, Kevan didn’t have anything more to add.

I quickly sent out an e-mail to all the residents that we were going to be having a prospective resident touring in the next few days and asked everyone to help make sure out community was looking its best.

A couple of days later, I got a call from Steve asking if I’d be available the next day for him to get a tour and speak with me about possibly purchasing a home site.  I told him to head on up and come in through the front gate using the residents and guests entry.

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Tales of the Cabin – Part 6

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Andy’s boyish face and defiant attitude were enough to kick my ‘daddy’ instincts into gear. I had barely gotten around the counter when Andy smirked at me again.

“What are you going to do Mr. Ramhart?  You going to punish me for being bad?” he sneered as he pushed another grocery bin off the counter.

Before he could realize what was going on, I had grabbed him and bent him over the counter.

“Oh, you will be punished.  Sometimes, the punishment is a pleasure to the punisher.” I growled as I reached into one of the drawers and pulled out a flat wooden spatula.

A resounding smack filled the kitchen as Andy let out a yelp.

“That hurt!” Andy whined.

“Good. Maybe you’ll learn to be a good boy for daddy.”  THWACK!

“Daddy!” Andy exclaimed, “Stop!”

“Andy, are you going to be a good boy?” I asked quietly.

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir.” Andy said pleading with his voice that I wouldn’t smack him again.

“I’ll let you off easy this time.” I said, then with no warning, I let my rock-hard cock graze his smooth ass crack. Andy let out a moan and pushed his ass back so that my head was slipping between the round cheeks of his bubble butt.

I grabbed the bottle of Colavita olive oil off the counter behind me and poured a small amount into Andy’s crack.  I felt the heavy cool oil flowing around my head which led me to adjusting my cock to tease Andy’s now pulsing hole.

What I didn’t expect was for Andy to push back and his hot willing ass to take all of my cock at once. It was as if his hole had pulled me in and made a meal of me.

Before long, we were lost in sweaty ecstasy up against my kitchen counter.  Lost in the moment, I heard the occasional cracking of the counter but didn’t think much of it considering the rough ride I was giving Andy.  Andy didn’t seem to notice either as he was grunting loud enough that it was covering up some of the noises the house was making.

I had just gotten into my rhythm, lost in the bliss, when I heard Andy scream out “Oh yeah daddy!” which just encouraged me to keep going harder and deeper as Andy grew tighter around me.  I kept pounding Andy hard, feeling his grip slowly loosen and I felt something cold and sticky hit my foot.

I looked down and saw that Andy had blown his load all over the cabinet and it was dripping down onto the floor and my foot.  Part of me was thinking of how to punish him and the other part of me was congratulating myself on giving it to the boy so well. I hadn’t blown my load yet and I sure as hell wasn’t gonna pass up a chance to tag a hot ass like Andy’s.

By this time, I was only really thinking about one thing, getting the boy filled up with me.  I pulled out all the stops and rode him like a bronco buck at a rodeo. Riding hard, I could feel my orgasm building up in my balls, and was suddenly driven on by the warm splat of Andy blowing another load on my foot.

Wow, I can see why Aaron has been with him for so long.

“You ready Andy, I’m gonna give you what you been wantin’” I panted.

“Yes, daddy, give it to me.  I’ve been bad and I don’t deserve it.” Andy growled between pants.

I got up on the balls of my feet and starting a final pounding of his now worn out hole. I felt that inner convulsion that told me that I was about to go over the edge.

Unbeknownst to either of us, Aaron had come in checking to see if Andy was at my place since the grocery run wasn’t done.  Seeing us in flagrante and the grocery bins on the floor; he found Andy, just not how he expected to find him.

I gave Andy a couple of quick hard thrusts and held the last one deep inside him as my balls drained deep inside him.  I suddenly got the sensation of falling and as I looked up, I saw Aaron standing there watching us, dick hard in his hand.

That was the moment that Andy and I fell over as the cabinet had had enough of our roughhousing and collapsed under us.  Aaron ran over to help us up and to make sure Andy was okay.

“Andy, you okay?” Aaron asked with obvious concern.

“Yeah, I’m…oh fuck. Hi big brother.” Andy said meekly.

“You aren’t in trouble Andy. I’m more worried that you aren’t cut up from the cabinet.” Aaron said as he helped Andy to his feet.

“As for you Vince…we’ll talk later.” Aaron said with a tone I couldn’t quite comprehend.

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Tales of the Cabin – Part 5


A couple of weeks had passed and I’d not given much thought to Aaron and his brother.  Aaron had made his mark on the community by being the “grocery boy” and bringing the weekly grocery deliveries from the dock to each of the residences.

He’d made quite the impression on a couple of the residents with his work ethic for lack of a better term.  Aaron was a big guy, about 6’5”, fair skin with hair that changed from blond to ginger to red depending on how the sun hit it.  He’d lost weight recently from dedicated time in the gym and it showed.  Seeing him making the deliveries was definitely a sight for tired eyes.

I’d already given Aaron a security code for my house and he delivered the groceries in the house, put them all away, and made sure that he didn’t disturb my activities. He was so good at it, I had actually found myself sleeping through his deliveries.

The community was coming together nicely and a few more people had moved in.  Shane was the exception so far, but he got along with everyone.  Six feet, tanned with long black hair that was shot with grey, Shane’s Native ancestry was impossible to hide.  He was always willing to help out somebody who needed a hand which certainly didn’t hurt his acceptance. He just wasn’t the social butterfly that most of the others were in the community.

I’d known Shane for about 20 years.  He was absolutely straight and didn’t give a fuck what others did so long as they respected him and his body.  I knew it wouldn’t be a problem with the community. He’s a great guy but quite private and reserved about his sexuality and sex. Nothing wrong with that and I knew that unless he left his door open or decided to have sex on his deck, no one would ever know who or what he did.

I always enjoyed seeing Shane outside, he moved with a fluid grace that came from his ancestry and it was a pleasure to watch.  It was very different than Aaron’s brute strength.  Aaron was a quiet step, so he could easily get in and out of places without being noticed.  Shane could do so as well, but there was something about Shane that seemed to catch people’s attention.

I was sitting out on the back deck getting some sun before doing a bit of work for the community when I heard a couple of loud thuds and a groan from in the house. Jumping up and dashing into the house, I saw Aaron putting the grocery crates on the counter.

“Aaron, you okay?”

“Oh, uhm, hi Mr. Ramhart.  I didn’t mean to…” and the voice trailed off as he looked up from the floor where he’d been picking up dropped fruit.

I met his gaze and realized it wasn’t Aaron.  I mean, it could have been Aaron a few years ago.  I quickly realized that his must be his younger brother. As I looked at him, I could see why Aaron would have been attracted to him.  Pale alabaster skin, sapphire blue eyes, and a body made for a Greek statue.  Well, except Greek statues could only dream of being that well-endowed.

I didn’t realize it but I let out a quite audible gasp as I met his gaze.  He set the fruit and veg down on the counter and walked over with his hand out.

“I’m Andy. Aaron is my older brother.  He invited me up to spend a week.  I wasn’t sure how I’d get on here but it’s been a blast. Everyone is nice and laid back.” he said earnestly.

“I wondered how you got in my house.” I said with a smirk. “Where’s Aaron at today?”

“Oh, he said he had to go into town for something. I didn’t ask him what.” Andy said sheepishly.

“No problem, I thought you were Aaron when I came in. You two look a lot alike even with a second look.”

“Yeah, lots of people say we could be twins.”

“Yeah, you are both quite handsome.” I said with a twang of lust in my voice.  It was about that time I realized that I was starting to get aroused.

Andy looked down with the slightest of smiles and then looked me in the eyes, “I’m glad you like what you see Mr. Ramhart.”

“Oh I do.” I said as I stepped forward, “You need some help getting those groceries put away?”

“You don’t need to do …” Andy trailed off as my full body came into his view.

“It’s no problem Andy.  It’ll let you get to the rest of the deliveries. I know Aaron won’t be happy if he gets back and you don’t have them done.”

“True, Mr. Ramhart.” Andy said looking down at the floor.

“Andy, look at me.” I said in what called my ‘daddy’ voice.

He stood up stiffly, “Yes sir?” was the quiet response as he looked at me.

“Call me Vince…” I paused, “boy.”

“Yes sir!” Andy said as he snapped to attention with his hands behind his back.

I let out a low whistle, “Aaron has you trained well doesn’t he?”

Andy didn’t say anything but his face flushed a hot red then went white as he realized that I must know.

“Andy, you and Aaron are welcome here and you do not have to keep your relationship a secret.  We all have our secrets and our interests. Unless it’s blatantly illegal, like kids or animals; I don’t really care what people do so long as all involved are consenting adults.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate that sir.” Andy said with a smile and obvious relief.

“Now boy, you should get your work done or Aaron is going to have to discipline you.  If he doesn’t, I will.”

Andy paused for a moment then pushed the bin off the counter with a knowing smirk, “He’ll not know.”

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Tales of the Cabin – Part 4


Kyle had been right. I wasn’t ready to totally dive into the nudist scene but fuck clothes at home!

Twenty years later, at 40, here I was retired to a nudist commune that I had built.  I had given thought to making it into a resort.  It was still a plan I had in the back of my head.  So far, there were only a dozen cabin sites planned out with six built.  As it stood, it was a small members only resort.  We weren’t vetting guests but it was written into the agreements that guest vetting and a public portion of the grounds could be started at any time.

My revelry in sitting on my couch in the new area was interrupted by the doorbell.

“Who is it?” I yelled towards the front door.

“Hey, it’s Aaron!  I wasn’t sure if you were home or not.”

“Yeah, I’m here.  I’d say grab a beer in the fridge, but I don’t think I have any yet.”

I heard Aaron come in, wander around a bit then find the kitchen.  The fridge was opened and then I heard cans being taken out.

“Three cheers for beers!” Aaron bellowed from the kitchen, “Meet you on the deck?”

I jumped up and grabbed a towel from the rack by the back door as I met Aaron.

“Isn’t it great?” I said to Aaron as I cracked open a Surly Furious.

Aaron dropped into one of the chairs in the sun, “It sure is Vince.  I can’t believe you actually hit the lottery and were able to do this.  We’ve talked about it and you’ve held on to the dream, and here you are, retired at 40 and managing a nudist commune.”

I sat down and was lost in thought for a moment when Aaron dropped a bombshell.

“Kevan, how did you know you were gay?”

“Uhm…uh.” I stammered as I set my beer down, “I guess I always just knew. Even as a little kid, when I was supposed to be playing doctor with the neighbor girls, I had the girls as my nurses and always played doctor with the boys.”

“Oh, wow.  I mean, so you just knew.” Aaron with barely containing his surprise.

“Yeah, it was always boys.  I mean, I experimented with girls in college.  They feel good but there is no connection.  It’s just physical pleasure and not all that pleasurable at that.” I said quietly.

“Interesting.  I think I might be a late bloomer.  It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized that I dated a lot of girls but could never commit to them.  It was like they were never enough. It’s like I knew in the back of my mind but I couldn’t quite work it all out.”

“That’s not uncommon Aaron.  Have you messed around with guys or are you just having self-doubts about your own sexuality?”

“Both?  I’ve only had a couple of sexual experiences with men.  One was a random hookup online…the other,” Aaron paused for several seconds, “the other was my younger brother.”

I picked up my beer and took a big swig.

“Aaron, how long ago were these experiences?”

Aaron didn’t answer right away. He turned a deep red and for a moment I thought he was going to get up and go home.

“Kevan, the hook up was only about a year ago.  I really enjoyed what happened.  As for my younger brother, we started messing around as teenagers. We just never stopped.  We didn’t, and still don’t, think of it as gay.  It’s just brotherly love.”

“That it is.” I turned and looked at Aaron in a whole new light.  As I looked at him, I suddenly found my thoughts turning to what his brother looked like and then to the two of them messing around. “Well, you don’t have to worry about what anyone thinks up here.  So long as your brother is down with this being a nudist commune, he’s more than welcome.”

“Thanks Vince.  He’s all out gay, he’s like you, says he’s always known.”

“Some people know right away, some people take til their teens, and some people figure it all out when they are much older than we are.”

Aaron smiled, “I think I’m one of those people.”

“Well, do you find yourself thinking about guys?  Like day dreaming about co-workers, celebrities, and stuff like that?”

Aaron blushed deeply again, “Well, honestly, it’s mostly my brother. I’ve thought about you some, and yeah, I’ve had those celebrity crushes.  Mostly on football players. They aren’t always the smartest, but they are big and mostly muscular.  I like big boys.”

I paused for a moment, I could see the wheels turning furiously in Aaron’s head but I didn’t want to influence anything.

“Aaron, you want your brother to move up here don’t you.  The two of you living together, like boyfriends.”

I saw a small nod from Aaron as tears welled up in his eyes.

“You truly love him don’t you.  You think of him as your partner.”

Aaron nodded again.

“Does he feel the same way about you?”

Aaron didn’t nod this time but a huge smile spread across his face.

“So he does.  Aaron, feel free to ask him to move up here. You know all the details of how things are run and what’s involved with our community.  If he wants to move up, just let me know, we’ll just add him to your paperwork and as far as we’re concerned, you’re partners.  If people have a problem with you being brothers, that will be dealt with.”

With that, Aaron couldn’t contain his emotions any longer.  Between sobs, he explained that he wasn’t sure how I would take the news that he and his biological brother were lovers.  He’d finally figured out he was gay about ten years ago, but couldn’t bring himself to cheat on Andrew, his brother.

“Well, fuck, who am I to question love that strong?”

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Tales of the Cabin – Part 3

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“Good morning Kevan!” I said cheerfully as I walked into his office.

“A pleasure Mr. Ramhart” he answered professionally.

“The wire transfer came through without any issues?” I inquired, if there were any problems, my plans would be pushed back.

“It did. It has already been distributed as you requested.”

I left myself relax a bit. My future was now planned for and with solid management, I would be living comfortably for the rest of my life.

Kevan was one of few people who knew my plans.  I’d known him for a while and never expected to be needing his services in private wealth management.  I had not extended an invitation for him to join my plans, but it might yet happen.

• Two years later…

I tapped the remote for the security gate and smiled as the gate lifted.

Finally, after millions of dollars and lots of headaches, the compound was ready.

I’d gotten lucky and had gotten a ranch that was going out of production.  2160 acres of mixed farmland and forest, two small lakes, and all utilities except for television/internet already pulled out to the property, it was nearly perfect.

Short work was made of tearing out the existing structures.  It was eighteen months of getting the solar farm installed and getting the local power cooperative to sign off on it.  Once that was done, construction of the first few cabins was done before the fiber optics got laid.

Now, two years in, the first seven cabins were complete, I had a list of friends that were getting invited up to living in the compound.  It was a safe place for those of us who didn’t fit the norms of society.  Be it the loner online gamer, the ‘open minded’ who doesn’t agree with societies’ norms, or just friends of mine who are mostly normal but just want to get away from the rat race.

I’d already packed everything in the city, my friend Aaron had already gotten his stuff out to his cabin and was happily living away from it all.  Jax was supposed to be out there already but had run into issues with getting some stuff moved to a new county.  I know my friends and I know some of what’s going on their lives.  I’d required background checks on them to make sure there were no criminal issues with them living out there.

A quick check of the receiving dock showed that grocery orders and general supplies were stocked up.  I parked car in the ‘garage’ which was really just a big metal shed with a couple dozen parking stalls in it.  It used to be the horse barn for the ranch and was the only building that was saved.

I saw a couple of other cars in that I didn’t recognize but I hadn’t learned all the support staffs vehicles yet.

I walked over to my house.  Most people would describe it as a cabin.  I activated the biometrics and the door opened.  I dropped my clothes into the laundry drawer by the door.  To be finally home and living as a nudist full time.

It had been twenty or so years previous that Kyle, a long term college roommate, introduced me to the nudist way of life.

We’d moved off campus and I thought I knew him as well as I could.  I got home from class one afternoon, and there was Kyle.  Kicked back on the couch, naked and slowly pulling on his erect cock. I was stopped dead in my tracks.  I was fascinated that he’d just be doing that in the middle of the living room and yet was confused at the same time.  I was aroused, disgusted, and put off.

I stood there watching him for what seemed like forever.  He wasn’t watching porn or anything like that.  He was playing video games and giving himself a helluva good time judging by his breathing and grunting.

I tried to get back into my room as quietly as I could but with a full backpack and having been standing in place for a good 20-30 minutes, I was neither quiet nor graceful.

I settled in to my desk and fired up my own video games, leaving the bedroom door open.  Kyle and I had never shut our doors before, so why start now.

I’d just got into my game groove when I heard Kyle walk up to my bedroom door.

“Dude, you saw me didn’t ya.” he said with a mix of pride and uncertainty.

“I did man, you were just sitting there pounding one out.”

A smirk crossed his face, “Yeah, so?  We’re guys, every guy does it,” came the proud reply.

“I guess, but I just didn’t expect to see it like that.”

“You’ve never done it outside your bed have you?” Kyle asked as his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“No.  Why would I?” I said sheepishly.

“Damn man, get naked and drop your ass on the couch.  We’re gonna play games and pull it.”

“I…uh…” suddenly I was very conscious of my cock and balls in my shorts.

“Just do it man, trust me, once ya do, you’ll never want to wear clothes again.”

“One time man.  No one knows.” I said, completely unsure of what was going to happen.

Before long, my state of nudity was lost as we got lost in the video games and trying to sniper shot each other.  I hadn’t even noticed that I was hard…or that Kyle was again.  The rage of our gaming had our testosterone flowing.

As I stepped around a corner in the game, my side of the screen turned red as Kyle had gotten me with a one-shot kill.

“See, told ya you wouldn’t care any more.”

I looked down and saw that not only was I erect, I had leaked a sizable puddle of precum onto the couch.

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