Writing update

Sorry for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been battling a medical issue that got rather involved including me missing several days of work and losing a lot more days to the painkillers. I’m on the mend now and will be posting this week and might even get in a couple of short storylets too. […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 22

Lyaru’s body was slowly lowered into the grave.  The surrounding members of the Lodge, dressed in blue, bowed their heads in respect.  Maikyl finished up his eulogy and looked up to see how Kevyl was holding up. Kevyl stood silently with a blank expression on his face, his grief masked except for the constant fall […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 21

Jaryl came bursting out of the passageway and dropped to his knees in front of Maikyl. “My sovereign, I am so sorry to keep you waiting.  There’s been an accident in the kitchen and I was helping with the recovery.” “Recovery?” Maikyl asked astonished, “Recovery?  What has happened and are there injuries?” “Two of the […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 20

The next morning broke across the land finding Kevaj sleeping on his back to accommodate his belly and Maikaj on his side curled up next to him, watching him sleep.  Kevaj’s rhythmic snoring lulled Maikaj into a calm. In spite of the squalling babies keeping them up most of the night, Maikaj was still awake […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 19

Two mornings later, Maikaj and Kevaj were woken early to get ready for the official announcement of the births and to finalize the names of the children. They had settled on Tomyl for the boy and Beha for the girl. Many hours had been spent on the names for the wolf pups.  Since they could […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 18

  “The winds of fate are blowing Maikyl.  It is obvious but also perplexing.” Benjyl said quietly while delivering the second of the twins. Almost fifty hours into labor and Kevyl had only delivered two children.  One boy and one girl, both appearing to have Maikyl’s height but Kevyl’s build based on their long gangly […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 17

Maikyl slipped under the furs and pressed his body against Kevyl’s.  Running his hand across Kevyl’s ever growing belly, he wondered just how long it would be before he would be a father. Kevyl was momentarily distracted by Maikyl’s touch but the tedium of being stuck in bed for the last month was starting to […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 16

Having returned from their honeymoon, Kevyl and Maikaj settled into the daily routine of being the Sovereign and Consort of Talija. Trevyl was first to notice the changes in the routine. Maikaj was always up early with the sunrise and in the den by 7 am.  Kevyl had started out on that schedule, but of […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 15

Kevyl laid there in a state of shock.  If he hadn’t seen the wolf on top of him, it would have just been rough sex: something basal releasing their pent up lust and emotion. He wasn’t sure exactly what had happened but he felt a raw lust for more.  He knew it was Maikyl that […]

A Shaman’s Gift – Part 14

  As they approached the doorway to High Elpa’s bedchamber, Maikaj suddenly swept up Kevyl and carried him across the threshold to the room.  He set Kevyl down gently and couldn’t hide the huge smile on his face. “Kevyl, my mate, oh how I have longed to say those words.  My mate.  As the leader […]