Tales of the Cabin – Part 11

  Aaron, Andy, and Shawn had arrived and had talked to Steven.  He had gotten a thumbs up from all three so I had extended an invitation to move in.  I showed him the lots we currently had available for purchase and gave him the covenant that spelled out the rules, rights, and responsibilities of […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 9

Steven and I sat in my living room talking about his ‘previous life’ as he recalled it. As he turned into his driveway, he pressed the garage door opener, disrupting the tranquility as his garage door lifted.  As the truck came to a stop, the driver’s side door opened and he stepped out of the […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 8

I had to laugh at myself when I realized just how long it had been since I’d actually worn clothes.  It had been almost three months which is when I had gotten Shane’s moved up. September had flown by and I wasn’t ready for winter yet.  The one downside to a nudist colony this far […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 7

  The summer had gone smoothly and fall was quickly making its presence known.  The days were starting to become noticeably shorter. The frost had come early and the trees across the property were ablaze in yellows and oranges with the sumacs providing pockets of fiery red. Word had been getting out about the ‘colony’ […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 6

[Author Note: See the bottom of this post for other Wednesday Briefs authors posting free flash fiction this week.  We all appreciate your reading our work and supporting us! – Johayan] Andy’s boyish face and defiant attitude were enough to kick my ‘daddy’ instincts into gear. I had barely gotten around the counter when Andy […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 5

  A couple of weeks had passed and I’d not given much thought to Aaron and his brother.  Aaron had made his mark on the community by being the “grocery boy” and bringing the weekly grocery deliveries from the dock to each of the residences. He’d made quite the impression on a couple of the […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 4

Kyle had been right. I wasn’t ready to totally dive into the nudist scene but fuck clothes at home! Twenty years later, at 40, here I was retired to a nudist commune that I had built.  I had given thought to making it into a resort.  It was still a plan I had in the […]

Tales of the Cabin – Part 3

(Author note: Sorry this is late and kinda chaotic. I’m dealing with a ruptured disc in my low back and the medications for short term management are doing one hell of a number on my mental state! – Johayan)     “Good morning Kevan!” I said cheerfully as I walked into his office. “A pleasure […]