Tales of the Cabin – Part 2

I’d gotten lucky in that the state had passed a change in the rules regarding the MegaLotto at the beginning of the year.  Winners could choose blanket anonymity upon winning a jackpot over a million dollars. I was kicked back with my feet on coffee table daydreaming of job.  I’d taken the day off with […]

The Debaucher’s Diary – Entry #1

[Author Note: This series is more explicit and features scenes and language that some readers may find offensive. If the title wasn’t enough, this series is completely NSFW! – Johayan]   4 January ‘Kenny’ hit me up on an on-line hookup site.  Interesting profile, straight guy on the down low looking to hook up.  A […]

A Blind Rage – Part 1

Scott James Cooper woke up and realized it was his least favorite day of the year.  It was time for school to start again. It’s my junior year.  One more year after this. He pulled himself out of bed and started getting dressed.  He pulled a Metallica hoodie and a pair of black jeans. As he […]

Byron Kendall – Part 5

[Oops!  Forgot it was Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and forgot to post!] At the end of the first summer, I felt my Garou nature far more strongly but much of what I was learning didn’t feel right to me.  The only thing that really felt right to me was that I was in a pack to […]

Byron Kendall – Part 4

As I turned back to Mom, I heard the sound of what sounded like claws being dragged through the Earth over and over again.  Mom was still smiling from ear to ear, but Dad had a more concerned look on his face. I heard Uncle Jeff calmly say to me, “Byron, turn around and shift […]

Byron Kendall – Part 3

Mom got a serious look on her face.  “You’ve had your First Change but you haven’t proven yourself as being able to fight.  In our family, you must prove yourself worthy of battling for Gaia or…” she trailed off, but quickly added, ”I know you’ll be able to stand up for yourself.” I looked at […]

Byron Kendall – Part 2

We were camped on the edge of a small river and had been enjoying fresh lake trout for dinner.  Several of adults, including dad, were sitting around camp having a few beers and bullshitting.  Me, my older cousin Jerry, and a bunch of the younger cousins decided we were going to go swimming and exploring […]

Byron Kendall – Part 1

(Note: I’ve been battling a diffuse medical issue for the last several months, well years honestly, but it was finally diagnosed last month. Now I’m on medication and doing better. I’m finally doing well enough to write again. #fuck multiple sclerosis) I was born in Machesney Park, Illinois. Where you say? Machesney Park, Illinois. It’s […]

The Secret Sanctuary – Part 10

(Oof.  I forgot about this yesterday morning and it’s been crazy at work until about an hour ago.  Sorry everyone! Don’t worry, next week will be a lot more …fun! *wink*) “I thought so at one time, now I’m not so  sure.” Pete said as he pushed his plate to the edge of the table. […]